Arvind Kejriwal to launch “Being Mosquito” T-shirts


Arvind Kejriwal will soon launch “Being Mosquito” brand of T-Shirts. In a press conference today he disclosed this plan.

He thanked Salman Khurshid for leveling him as a mosquito who has been biting him and causing him irritation.

Reacting to the comments, Kejriwal said he is not just another mosquito but a dengue mosquito which has been biting both BJP and Congress and will soon create immense problem for both the parties.

Meanwhile Dengue mosquitoes are quite excited to hear this and thanking Kejriwal for providing them the much coveted respect in the society in which they have been always blamed for the wrong reasons.

This change in heart came in Indians when a comrade dengue mosquito recently bit Kasab in his highly secured prison in Mumbai. There has been hue and cry ever since on twitter, facebook and other social networking platforms to award that mosquito Param Vir chakra for doing what our government couldn’t do over all these years.

Meanwhile the mosquito repellant companies are planning to pay royalty to Kejriwal and dengue mosquito for every minister they bite. CEO of a leading mosquito repellant cream said “we had to pay several crores from our profits every year to these netas as Ghoos. Now it’s payback time”

In recently held Google hangout I asked Kejriwal what his next plans are to which he said “We will soon launch Kejriwal brand of Crackers this Diwali which will blow out all the corrupt netas of this  country.”

Meanwhile when I tried to ask Digvijay Singh on his reaction for Kejriwal’s plan of launching  “Being Mosquito” T-shirts, he said he felt offended that a certain species of animal who is known for being the most faithful friend of human beings has been ignored.


NB: This is a sarcastic take on the current political system of India. The style has been inspired from FakingNews


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5 Responses to Arvind Kejriwal to launch “Being Mosquito” T-shirts

  1. Ha ha… Nice take on the political atmosphere in India…
    I liked the idea of Kejriwal Crackers… he’s been blowing up everyone…just like a cracker.. short lived but its fun..

  2. gayatri soni says:

    You have become a great satirist. Kejriwal has given significance to dengue mosquitoes & crackers. What we people may not do, they will surely do with a bang. Keep writing! 🙂

    • ravindra rajput says:

      Thanks Gayatri. I think satire is the best and positive form to vent out the anger due to the system.Will try to write similar posts in future too.

  3. ravindra rajput says:

    Arvind has been blowing corrupt people all around. I call him the real Dabaang 😛

  4. swapnil says:

    nice ……..this is called “zor ka thappad, zor se lage”.

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