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Bapu tere desh mein

Has Gandhiji and Gandhi Jayanti become a symbol of mere 500 rupee note and a holiday to celebrate at home?
What is the condition of Gandhiji in today’s India ?
What does 2nd October mean to you… ?
Arenít people waiting anxiously for 2nd October as BigBoss Season5 day instead of Gandhi Jayanti ? Continue reading

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Bandh karo yeh BANDH

“So sad, India is a soft state” “Our government cannot take tough decisions” “We actaully don’t deserve to be called a developing nation…” “Govt. doesn’t think about the common people” “We need to be economically independent and strong nation”… BLAH … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Shut

Have we really justified the democracy in our country ? Can we just keep a blind eye to the misdeeds of our politicians ?
What happened in Godhra is well known to all but the way it is being handled by our system is more horrible.
How long can we keep our Eyes Wide Shut Continue reading

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