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Demonetization of rupee : Political & economical masterstroke or a blunder ?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement on 8th November¬†that rs500 & rs1000 denomination notes will cease to be legal tender has stumped the nation and has been the center of debate across the political & social circles. The initial response to … Continue reading

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Perfect way to make Good morning into Gold morning #Colgate360GoldMornings

If someone asks me which is the most happening time during a day, ¬†I would tell him its morning. The moment we get up from our sleep gives a positive message that almighty has bestowed on us another wonderful day … Continue reading

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Delhi's Charismatic girls

Delhi girls have been typecasted as one who is selfish,bold and careless.
Men of varying ages are the ones who pass such comments.But has a typical Delhi girl has to say about it?
read here to know the other side of the story Continue reading

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An underdog's lovestory !!!

How much is just enough to know someone to take that BIGGEST decision of the life when you have decided that he/she is the person with whom you want to spend rest of your life ?
This is a true love story of my friend which may change your view entirely..Read on to enjoy it to the fullest Continue reading

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It's all about money

Do you remember the movie “Judaai” in which the Sridevi sells her husband for 1 crore rupees.That was a movie, a concept or fiction one may say. But often I have been listening and sometimes see couples marrying for the … Continue reading

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