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It had been 6 months at a stretch. The team had been slogging day and night to meet the aggressive deadlines. The product had to be released well before the Christmas season started. After all it couldn’t have been a better time than a major holiday season to launch the product .The attention for this project was from the very top of the organization. Sysnofi was not any other IT player, it was market leader in the field of IT and product development. From the day it was declared that Sysnofi had bagged the contract, the development team was charged up. It was to be developed using the latest and hot technologies available in the market. The team was to achieve something which was never achieved by someone else. It would have been the game changer in the industry. The mere thought of the success gave every one goose bumps.

The team started on very enthusiastic note, simmering with ideas positivity & energy. But as the work progressed reality came to dawn that going will not be as easy it was assumed in the earlier stages of project. What started as 10 hour day soon turned out to be 16-18 hrs. of slogging. Even the weekends were not spared. Entire team was working day and night.

This was no average team. It was the team of the best 500 engineers of the company who had earlier achieved some impossible mission critical development projects.

They were backed with sound and caring management who made sure employee morale was always high. But this time it was getting very difficult even for these seasoned managers and HR team to make sure employees are happy & committed to work. The cracks had started to develop in the team; there were frequent fights and tempers rising in the team members which was not normal. With current problems the project was heading for failure which the company couldn’t afford at any cost. This is when the management had to go back in the drawing room and plan something different. The HR team was frustrated after 2 days of planning, when no conclusion could be drawn. It was during this time when a new hire in the team came up with and excellent idea.

“Hey guys, do you know what is the root cause of the problem in this team “?

All in the room were silent.

“Let me tell you, it’s all because people are bored, tired and there is no freshness in their lives “

“Do you know what drives a gen Y into action and act smartly?”

“It’s dance & music. Cocktail of both is a deadly combination. If you all agree I have a plan for you”.

3 days later:

Around 5pm in the evening when the entire team was busy with their work in office, suddenly the fire alarm got ringing. There was an announcement in PA system for everybody to head towards assembly in the auditorium next to the office building. The employees hurried towards the assembly area. The moment everybody got into the auditorium, the lights went off and there was music being played “Dance basanti …” . A spotlight fell over a girl on the stage; employees couldn’t believe who they saw on stage- Anushka Manchanda along with Allu Arjun.

Everybody was in awe. This didn’t stop there, while Anushka was singing her blockbuster songs, Allu Arjun performed showing his amazing dancing skills to the crowd. The people still couldn’t believe the surprise they had got. This combination of song and dance thrilled them to the core. It energized them, filled them with energy. Soon the entire auditorium was singing and dancing along with these two superbly talented artists. There was so much of happiness in the air. The deadly combination of Anushka Manchanda’s voice and Allu Arjun’s dance moves kept the audience mesmerized till midnight. No amount of alcohol could have given such a high which was given by these two folks.

At last when the program finished there were 500 souls who were fully energized and live with energy.

The effects of this performance was reflecting from the next day onwards itself. The employees were cheerful and the team productivity had almost doubled. With the help of these happy and motivated employees we were able to launch the product 2 weeks ahead of schedule and proved our mettle to the world.


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