Final War Against Corruption

Few months back†,wearing “Main Anna hun” cap, I was amidst the crowd of people at India gate who were celebrating,dancing, rejoicing,singing with†tricolor flags all around. The scene was if we had attained independence or won world cup.

We were delighted that after 10 day fast of Annahazare in ramlila maidan, parliament had finally †promised that a strong Lokpal would be passed.We all were on cloud 9, my chest was swelling with pride and happiness knew no bounds.

But as days and weeks passed and†political parties showed their true colors to 120 crore Indians, I soon realized that we were too optimistic, had been cheated †and had also† underestimated the length of †this freedom struggle.

After all we had taken headon panga with†Indian†POLITICIANS who could stoop to any lows to make their future secure and avoid the change we have been asking for.

Now days†I get to hear a lot of†allegations like:
“What†hasteamAnna†achieved ??”

“Team Anna is back to square one “

“Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta ?”

“Think about yourself and forget about any change that can come”

I will not go into details or stats of the impact of this revolution so far, as time will tell where we are heading for.But what forced me to write this post was a†heated debate with one of my very close friends.

I will not write the entire conversation we had but the entire summary in the form of questionnaire below,where direct questions were raised by my friend and I answered my views:

Q) What has this revolution (India Against Corruption)†achieved ?

Ans) BELIEF about CHANGE : 2 years ago aam aadmi had given up the hope and†accepted his fate that nothing can be done against the corrupt.Corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, goons were openly looting people & country and going scott free.By chance if†any were caught were soon out on bail .Thanks to our judicial system which moves at snail’s pace legal cases†keep dragging †in the courts where these corrupts are merrymaking.There was cloud of pessimism all around.

Amidst all this gloom†rises a 74 year young man who sits at Jantar mantar on hunger fast to demand a strong bill to curb corruption. Alas !! †the single candle had been lighted in the gloom of †darkness.Soon the light from that single candle motivated other candles to join .The chain reaction had started and soon the nation poured on the streets and ramlila maidan.

The youth was awaking.Hope was restoring.

Yes this is the positive change†which this movement has brought.A†strong feeling that things can be changed and changed for good,for this nation for our coming generations.

Q) What right do you have to raise this question ? Are you harishcandra ?

Ans) No,I am not harishchandra but yes I am trying my level best to be an honest citizen of this country.It is not that I† have never broken any law or never been part of corruption but YES I am trying hard and even harder now to maintain my self respect.I am folllowing the traffic rules, I wait for the traffic light to turn green†before moving †even†if †it’s 11 pm and there is nobody to watch me or question me.I am standing in queue and running from pillar to post ..again and again..n again to get my driving licence or a gas connection without paying any bribe.I always wear helmet when driving on road.Pay my challan to the traffic policeman instead of paying him a hundred rupee note.

Q) You talk about electing honest person but how many times†did you†caste vote?

Ans) Not even once. And I admit that’s my mistake.But that doesn’t stop me from critcizing or pointing fingers towards those corrupt people because by pointing finger towards them ,I am even†blaming† myself for the blunder I have done by getting him elected.

But now†I have got my voter ID ready this time and will go to vote to an honest person, or the least corrupt.Because I believe in change†, change in the decaying and rotten system.

Q) If you really want to change the system then why don’t you fight elections.Get elected and be† part of the system.

Ans) It’s not necessary to be one of them to change the system.It’s not my area of expertise.It’s more important to choose the right person who will work for the welfare of masses.Meanwhile I will do†my job where I have my expertise.I am contributing my part in this change by doing my job honestly and sincerely without an iota of cheating in my mind.

Q) Do you think your single†vote can make any change ? How many are there who think like you to vote for correct person irrespective of caste and other factors ?

Ans)”MINDSET ” this is what† I want to change and this is the only savior.Hardly 60% of our popultion goes to vote in our country and these are people who elect the netas.Out of these 60% very few are educated people or with rational thinking.And this is the root cause of the disease.its also true that any candidate today wins by small margins only.Now imagine a situation when the rest 40%† who are educated and modern people who know difference between†right and wrong.If these people start†taking some pain to move out of their houses on the day of election to vote for right candidate what magic it† would create !!! .Since these are the voters who cannot be influenced by money,liqour,TV or other accessories corrupt politicians offer just before and after the elections.These are the people who have a healthy debate in offices , tea shops, cafeteria, on national television but†don’t †go to vote assuming it to be just†another †national holiday or that typical CHALTA HAI attitude.

This is the group on which I am banking the most.They need to be the part of the democratic process.These are the people who can educate and influence the remaining 60% .I know it is very difficult to do so. Since everybody loves their comfort zones and its never easy to come out of it.But a start has to be done and I want to be part of this start.

Q) I have money†but I don’t have time and patience†for petty things to get it done through legal route.I will prefer paying 2000rs as service charge which you all call bribe and get things done for myself easily.I have other important †things in† life to take care of.

Ans) If you are in an illusion that† you are rich and with the power of money†to remain shielded from flames of this monster called as corruption then you are†in a fantasy world.NO ONE is immmune to this cancerous disease.The milk you drink will have detergent,the fruits you eat will have pesticide, the vegetables you eat will have injections, the medicine you will take will be† fake, the petrol you will put in your vehicle will be adulterated, the doctor operating you in the hospital will be incapable one who bought his degree†with his father’s money, the bunglow you are living may collapse since it was built from substandard material, the flight you are taking to overseas may crash since an incapable pilot must be flying it,the water in the bisleri you drink†may be contaminated.The list will go on and on.My question to all those rich people who think†corruption affects only poor is †”Do you still think you are immune to corruption and it’s not your responisbility to fight against it ?” Don’t be a fence sitter.

Q) You may risk your life if you†fight against these corrupt people.They are powerful.

Ans) No power is bigger than power of a common man when he unites and comes†on the street to demand his right.As far as risk of life is concerned we are more unsafe in a corrupt country than in a corruption free society.

Q)Corruption is everywhere , even in your workplace then why don’t you change you company first , forget about changing the country ?

Ans) I am changing my workplace by being an honest performer,by not cheating myself and my job/company,by leading by example and motivating others to do the same.This† is the way change can be brought to our surroundings first which will have trigger effect and finally help in changing this nation.

Q) Team anna members seem to have some other motive behind this agitation ?

Ans) Nobody can read a person’s mind, nor is anyone clairvoyant to predict what he or she will do† in future.But†a person is judged by his actions, his past records and path he has chosen in the present.Keeping these things in mind I conclude that team anna is fighting for the right cause and welfare of this country. Hence I†am with them.


Nobody knows what may happen tomorrow,when a strong lokpal will be passed.I am not sure if I will be able to see a corruption free society in my current life or not.But one thing I am most confident is†about START, a BEGINNING has been made.We are heading in the right direction.I see a ray of hope.And this HOPE has kept my faith intact that things will change, and change for GOOD.Let’s come together so that this HOPE doesn’t fizzle out in coming days.

NB:Our discussion had continued further and will take new turns in coming days.But I would like to hear your views regarding Team Anna’s fight against corruption.

Jai Hind†††!!†

Jai Bharat† !!



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10 Responses to Final War Against Corruption

  1. Ashutosh says:

    waaah raju good one…i think i missed heated debate with you….;)

  2. ravindra rajput says:

    Even I missed the conversation.I wish you were with me for this debate…maja aa jaata ..kasam se

  3. Sandeep says:

    Great Thoughtss dear…

  4. Vineet Singh says:

    This young and educated crowd you are talking about is keener on getting their passport made then spending some time geting thier Election Card ready.

  5. gayatri soni says:

    Great post! you have answered all queries in such a nice way that they justify every point throw by people who have lost their faith in the rehabilitation of this corrupt system.

  6. Shreesh says:

    Your Answers are slap in the face of all those pessimistic people with having CHALTA HAI attitude. Iím totally and strongly agree with you that Team Annaís fight against corruption will definitely bring a change in thought process and morale of our society.

  7. Shobhit says:


    First of all I must applaud you on a thought-provoking post above. And I must also add that my comment would be a rather lengthy one.

    I am not opposing to whatever you debated for with your friend. And I donít approve of what your friend said. But though my words may sound pessimistic, there is a difference between pessimism and realism.

    I could very much relate to how you follow rules irrespective of where you are. I have been laughed at, mocked, and made fun of by friends whenever I stop at a red light even at midnight. I simply stick to following rules whether it be an office or while on the road.

    But Iím not in sync with team Anna. When I say Ďnot in syncí I donít mean I donít support the motive behind India being corruption-free. But whenever I say Iím not with team Anna, Iím quickly labeled as pro-Congress/pro-Government/pro-politicians and finally, pro-corruption.

    And most of the people who label me as such, are my old friends from school. Friends, almost all of whom decided to enter the reputed IITs as they always wanted a nice life abroad. A very few are still in India and are staunch supporters of team Anna. Just for an example, one of them, who used to share a two-wheeler with me while in school, never used to wear a helmet and still drives without having a driving license. But he is quick to mock me when he sees me wearing my seat-belt. Co-incidentally, he was also one in the crowd at India gate last year wearing an Anna-cap and waving the tricolor.

    Obviously, the crowd will always be a mix of people like him on one hand and genuine people like you on the other. But what Iím wondering is that do you really think that the passing of a bill will end corruption. Or rather, curb it to an extent ? I heard a very notorious and corrupt politician speak in the parliament about how there are laws against murder, rape, theft, etc. But that doesnít prevent these crimes from happening. Iím not supporting that logic here, but the harsh truth is that we Indians excel in twisting rules and laws. If not for gains then for the sheer fun of it. And that politician was in a sense blatantly daring everyone by sayingÖ we will continue being corrupt. Do what you can with your rules.

    I honestly donít know how effective the Lokpal will be. But even if it is there, people will find ways to bend rules because itís now the mindset. A kleptomaniac doesnít need rules. He needs psychiatric treatment. And thatís what our country needs. Everyone has assumed that the fight against corruption is about not giving bribes. But monetary corruption is just a part of our corrupt mindset. A man who abuses and beats his wife at home knows he can get away with it and hence will try to get away at other things too. One of my batchmates from medical college, who was at all Anna-demonstrations wearing a cap last year, is absolutely fine when he downloads latest movies from the internet. Is piracy not corruption ?

    My friends laugh at me when I carry an empty wrapper or cup till I find a dustbin, but have no qualms while littering the road with garbage. Is that not corruption ? Is the fight against corruption limited to monetary examples ? People get affected only when they have to pay a bribe or are made to run around for their work. Of course, bribe in any form is corruption and should be fought against. But we canít just stop there because, as I said, itís the mindset which is corrupt.

    And people seem to have this sense that corruption is limited to the government/politicians/govt. offices only. Everyone overlooks the fact that corruption is rampant even in NGOs, Multi National Companies, Private undertakings, personal business establishments, religious institutions, educational institutions and even at home. But our thought process seems to stop at the government related bodies. And who are these corrupt people we are fighting against ? They are, in fact, amongst us. Everywhere around us, even if they are not government employees. Even the government employees are from the Indian population. They didnít descend from another country or planet. So does being in the govt. job makes them corrupt ? Were they not corrupt before they entered their jobs ?

    I didnít find it amusing to see people celebrating, dancing, singing, rejoicing with the tricolor in hand and a cap on their heads. All I remember about it last year is how I watched helplessly trapped in my car while an ambulance kept blaring its siren at a procession which blocked the entire road while people hung out of cars waving the tricolor and stopping people to distribute pamphlets.

    You may have a hundred Lokpal and such rules in place. But till the Indian mindset is as it is now, you cannot end corruption. Any number of rules cannot cure a mindset. Only psychiatric treatment is the remedy. So, while I wonít go around wearing a cap or flying a flag, Iíll do my bit in trying to be an Indian and trying to affect the thinking of those around me. And I hope people like you keep doing so too.

    My apologies for such a long comment. And expecting a backlash for airing my views. ūüôā

  8. gayatri soni says:

    @Shobhit: You are very true to saying that corruption isn’t at the monetary level only, people are sick at their head to the best of their their lethargy that they want everything at their toe & for that they don’t use dustbins, go for piracy & blah blah blah……..
    Even then, with this anti-corruption bill coming to the law will help in curbing the corruption at least at the bottom level, newbie corrupt ones like us who have no support at the top level would fear to get caught. This year long fight wouldn’t be going to bow down so easily, we need to be patient for that & would try to follow rules & to clean our environment with our mindset only then we would reap the green fruits.
    Just think, if you are here who is so good to his country & who is amongst us, then there would, for sure, be some more people like you. ūüôā

  9. samir says:

    final ? sure ?

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