Freshen up your Life with #MaxFreshMove

There is nothing rewarding to a human soul than a fresh mind. There might be various  means of getting a fresh mood but one of the most inspiring and exciting way is dance & music. And when it comes to one of the best dancers in industry – Allu Arjun , then nothing like it.

Here is the latest video ad of  colgate featuring Allu Arjun . Not only is the video refreshing but also the dance moves. If you still feel you need more freshness then you obviously have colgate in your bathrooms 🙂

Below are the snapshots of the dance moves from the video which will  freshen you up #MaxFreshMove


At the start of video Allu Arjun sets up the tone of the video and party in the lawn. The steps are really refreshing and will be loved by everybody.





In this particular dance step , Allu Arjun is doing lock and pop step in the air. The way he is moving  reminds me as if Michael Jackson is doing a different Moon walk step.



In this particular step Allu Arjun has not only improvised the typical Nagin dance of North Indian weddings with handkerchief in his mouth and using that as flute. Followed by it are rhythmic movements of his hand which are delight to watch.


This is typical  Allu Arjun dance step. Though I have seen various dancers perform this 4step but none can do better than him. This stop is worth your money to watch for.Allu Arjun is such an amazing dancer that you want to keep him watching all the time.




5 Have you seen those dance steps in any Bollywood movie which has scene from any of the fisherman’s wives performing the dance steps in the traditional Maharashtra attire.Well this step is similar to that in Allu Arjun style. Want  to freshen up your life ? Then watch this dance step.



In this dance step the bridge herself is so energized and freshen up that she forgets about her marriage ceremony currently going on and joins Allu Arjun who is dancing  and Anushka Manchanda who is singing. Isn’t this video so freshening up ?


8Did you recall something after watching this step ? Yes, you guessed it right, it reminds one of the dance steps performed by a superstar of Bollywood in his latest blockbuster movie. But who cares as long as it entertains and energizes us.


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