How to keep your baby’s skin safe !!

Soft Baby

If someone had asked me what is the most beautiful feeling in the world a year ago , I would have answered anything from  loving my wife, staying with parents or friends. But this question has got a definitive change and an answer . It was 24th July 2015 ,when I was blessed with a cure little baby girl and my life changed entirely. Being a father ,that too of a baby girl gives you that happiness which has no limit and cannot be described in words. One of the most awesome feeling in the world is being a parent.


I have never been so careful , loving  and taking care of minute details in my life before. I never thought I would be so choosy and extra careful about each and everything related to her. I make sure that my daughter , Aashi gets the best of everything . Be it the paediatrician , foods, clothes, massage oil , how to pick her, how to hold her etc. As a father I might appear going overboard to make sure that my Aashi gets the best.


Beside her  beautiful smile, facial expressions , the cute squeaky sounds she makes , I really love her soft skin. It is so smooth & gentle. I take following steps to make sure her world remains soft and safe :


  • Clothes : I make sure that each and every cloth she wears is make from softest cotton. While I buy I ask hundreds of questions to the shopkeeper to rest assure the material doesn’t cause any harm or rashes to her soft skin.
  • Dippers : I make sure that I use the best diaper available in the marked which is not only comfortable but also soft on the skin. I use pampers with inner pad having aloe vera lining. It gives extra protection to my baby to keep her skin soft and safe
  • After removing diaper and putting a fresh diaper , I wash and rinse her skin properly using baby wipes so that there  are no germs remaining. Also make sure that diapers are changed frequently.
  • Use good detergents to wash baby’s clothes so that they remain soft.
  • We always keep sanitizer in each room of our house and strictly follow the rule that no one touches the baby without applying sanitizer on our hands thoroughly.
  • Bathing : While giving bath to baby we use the soap and lotion recommended by our paediatrician only. No other soap or oil is allowed.
  • Before giving bath , we apply “fresh malai ” of cow’s milk on her skin. This maintains the moisture in her skin, and gives additional glow on it.
  • Baby oil , baby powder and all such items are given only after consultation with doctor.
  • We make sure there are no mosquitoes in home. We keep baby in net and also use good knight liquidator to make double sure she is protected all the time.
  • Any possible means or inlet  for dust is blocked in hour & room so that the baby takes fresh and least polluted air.
  • The blankets, mittens, gloves, caps etc. used by baby is from finest material to make sure no harm is done to her skin in any possible way.
  • I know my baby is cute, in-fact all the babies are cute but that doesn’t mean that one should hold her cheeks all the time or take kiss. I don’t allow anyone else to do so and as a parent try to avoid this as much as possible to make sure now germs enter through her nose or mouth.


I have become father for the first time , so there are lot of things which I am unaware about with respect to handling  a baby. I never hesitate to take opinions from my friends, parents, relatives and doctor for each and everything. But I implement only those advice which I am assured will not harm my baby. As a father I would also suggest the same to everyone.


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