Looks are deceptive #WillYouShave


It was 3rd year of my engineering. The semester exams had just got over. I was totally exhausted mentally and physically. I needed a break. Winters had engulfed lives of every person in the NCR. This was the best time to go to Jaipur. I am fond of that place and also of my cousins who are of same age as that of mine and reside in Jaipur.

I packed my belongings and headed for the destination. It was a 2 week break, which I wanted to enjoy to the fullest. It is my habit to stroll on the roof after lunch and dinner. It would have been a just another day when I realized I saw someone in the roof of next house. She was my friend Ritu. We had known each other since childhood, whenever I visited this place. We had usual high hello and few glances.

The next moment she was at our house .While she spoke none of us got an opportunity to even open our mouth. She was such a chatterbox. Slowly we started becoming close friends. Next day I went to her house. I was surprised to see someone else open the door. In front of me was a 6 feet tall boy in his mid-twenties but looked as if he has not shaved for months. He had such long beard. I hesitatingly asked to meet my friend. He politely said hello, took me to Rita’s room and went to watch some football match on television.

This ritual of saying hi, hello continued for few more days, when I asked Rita “Who is that boy?”

“Are you talking about Avinash ? He is my cousin who is in final year of engineering. He is in ABSE college in Noida. He has got placed in a US based MNC and after the final semester would be flying to US for the job“

“Oh really !!! That college is nearby my college. “

“Well, he will be leaving tomorrow, back to the college.

3 days later I too moved back to my college.

Hardly a month had passed when  I got a call from an unknown number “Hello, who is that ?”

“Hey , my name is Avinash, I am Rita’s cousin. She has sent a package for you”

I asked Avinash to meet me outside my hostel in 30 min.

When I came outside the hostel, there was no one except a handsome and dashing boy on a motorcycle. I called Avinash again on his phone, and the boy on the phone picked the call.

Hey I am here , waiting for you”

“Oh my god, its you. You look so cool. I was not able to recognise you”. I felt how stupid I was to judge him by the looks. He looked so cool and handsome, had he shaved that day I would have certainly proposed him J


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