My Dad, my Hero !!

My Dad

The day had finally arrived. I could see the tension and fear on everybody’s face. My phone had been ringing non stop ; my relatives, friends & well wishers were desperate to know the updates. It was a very difficult moment for me & the family. I had never imagined in my wildest of dreams that I will be seeing this day.

It was around a month back when the news was broken to me. “Two arteries are blocked, CABG recommended”. Little did I have an idea what it meant. Then followed a long research on the severity & seriousness of the problem at hand.  I had hardly left any heart surgeon whom I had not consulted. Everyday I would step out from my house with all the medical reports and visit the best cardiologists in North India. At times I had appointments,  but mostly without appointments, since the wait-list was too long to get an appointment. I used to stand for hours outside the clinic , follow them in lifts just to discuss about the case of my father. Everywhere I got the same reply. The family situation was such that I couldn’t even share the seriousness of the problem at hand. It was a pressure that my family would not  be able to handle.I had tough time keeping a stoic face in front of my wife. It took time for me to let the feeling sink in and accept the situation at hand. I had no option but to go for bypass surgery.I had full faith that my father would be in safe hands of the best person in this field today – Dr. Naresh Trehan. But the mere thought of bypass surgery gave people jitters.

I tried to convince my father for the surgery but he was adamant & not willing for it. He couldn’t accept the fact that he had developed major blockage. After all he had been following very healthy lifestyle, exercising daily, participating  in physical activities, never touched alcohol or tobacco.The only problem was he had diabetes and this disease had brought him in this extreme situation. Lot of emotional blackmailing from my family could convince him and finally he agreed to go under the knife but with a condition that he would like to attend marriage ceremony of daughter of his best friend and would celebrate holi with family. The surgery would have to wait. I had no option but to give into his demand. From that day onward till the time I took him to hospital each and every minute turned out to be a like ages.  I feared for the worst, since the dreaded disease could strike anytime. I had sleepless nights just thinking about the worst.

Though the success rate of bypass surgery has tremendously improved over the years but human mind thinks of the worst and as a practical person I had to prepare myself for the worst. I underwent so many emotions and thoughts which I can not even recall now.

17th March 2015,

Medanta, Gurgaon

A night before, Dr. Trehan had communicated that my father would be operated next day in the morning. I could clearly see the tension spread across everyone’s face. We did not say anything to each other but knew what was going on in everybody’s mind. Each of the family member was trying to act normal but the attempt was futile. There was surge of emotion  in my heart. All the memories of my father was flashing in front of my eyes. I could recall the day when he dropped me at the school gate in nursery, how he scolded me when I went outside in the night without informing him, how he trained me to swim for the first time, how I fought with him to buy me a new bicycle since all my friends had got one, how he struggled to make sure there was no trouble in education of my sisters and mine, how he jumped with joy when I had topped the school, how he distributed sweets and celebrated when  I got my first job, how he danced when I was married, how  he was there standing behind me in any of life’s struggle & he would say “Main hoon na, don’t worry”.  Thinking about all these memories, I didn’t realize when it was time for my father to enter the operation theatre. I ran to him and hugged him tightly, keeping my emotions in check. He embraced me tightly and said “Don’t worry , everything will be alright , I am proud of you. Keep smiling”

Though I had my family , friends and relatives with me but each second passed as if it was an eternity. Those were the longest 7 hours of my life.  I had made several calls to the operation admin about the status. Finally I got the call “Operation is successful, you can see your father in 30 minutes”.

I jumped with joy, never had I felt so happy in my life to hear any such thing.


21st June 2015

It has been 3 months now  since my father was operated. He has recovered very well quickly mostly because of his strong will power and is living his normal life.  I had been close to my mother since my childhood but this episode has brought me closer to my father.  I never want to miss any opportunity to hug him and say “Thank you papa.  I am proud of you. Whatever I am today is because of you” . This episode changed me as a person, I have become more stronger emotionally, valuing the importance of our parents. I also learnt a lesson that we are so hesitant to hug & say to our dad that ” I love you” .

 I would suggest never  miss an opportunity to  hug and thank your dad. After all he made the man you are today from the kid who was in arms yesterday.


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