Rise of online gaming and impact on economy

Man is a social animal who has always emphasised for innovative thinking, growth and social well-being. On the one hand he is devoted fully in working hard for the advancement of society & human civilisation and on the other hand what makes him different from other species is that he is a social animal; who loves socialising, indulging in leisure activities, following his passion & pursuing his hobbies.

There are very few things which motivates and encourages a person. But most important ones from the huge list are Sports, adventure, money, success, name & fame. Be it a child, teenage, an adult or an old person, despite of varying age groups one thing which is common in all these persons is that almost everyone loves game and rewards associated with them. Winning a game gives an immense feeling of happiness, fulfillment & sense of achievement. Even losing at times gives the required satisfaction level that one played well using one’s tactics, strength, game plan and power.

There are various games in public domain which has been loved & enjoyed by people since ages and have evolved over the period of time keeping up with social trends and human tastes. The appetite for adventure and fun in a human being keeps on growing with passage of time. One of the most interesting games is casino where a person with right aptitude, skill, sharpness of mind and little stroke of luck can make a fortune for himself. This hobby has different variants in each society, culture and country.

With advancement of technology even a laptop and smart phone with internet connection has brought any remote thing in the world at our fingertips. We don’t need to be physically present in a playground, country or a casino to enjoy & have fun. With a click of a mouse a person can enjoy online gaming sitting on couch in the comfort of his home. But only safe, secure and advanced sites like these are trustworthy enough to enjoy the wonderful experiences of online gaming.

There are various benefit of online gaming:

  • Adhering to law & regulations: Since online gaming sites are registered and follow law of land there are no chances of non-compliance of law of land.
  • Contribution to economy through taxes:  Online gaming sites pay one of the highest taxes to the government, thus it directly contributes to economic growth.
  • Help in job creation: Online gaming portals provide employment opportunities to lot of people directly and indirectly. To run these sites hundreds of IT professionals, graphic designers, accountants, admin folks etc. are required to develop and maintain these sites. It thus provides the much needed fillip to economic growth of a country.
  • Attracting tourist to a country: Online casinos also help in attracting tourists to a country thus adding to the tourism, travel & transportation industry. Not to forget about the local tourism which benefits the most.
  • Brand ambassador for a country: Any popular game has the potential to bring not only money but name & fame to the country; thus acting as a brand ambassador.
  • Helps bring foreign money in a country: Needles to say, success of online gaming attracts people across globe thus increasing splurge in forex in the country which provides the country the much required cushion to the economy.
  • Improves public finances: The taxes paid via these gaming portals helps in improving the public finances which  can be used for various social causes and public expenditure without putting additional burden on taxpayers who would have been otherwise required to pay taxes to bear social expenses.
  • Use state of art technology which spurs IT innovation and boost gaming industry.
  • People who had hesitation or felt uncomfortable visiting casinos can play from their homes any time , anywhere remaining anonymous. Thus maintaining their privacy.
  • Helps mingle with people of different culture, taste & countries thus encouraging Diversity.
  • These sites often provide free or dummy games so that people can play and then invest their actual money, instead of losing money without even knowing how to play games.
  • Playing online also provides safety & security from the risk of carrying cash to any physical casinos.
  • Chances of being duped or cheated is very low since all the digital transactions can be easily tracked and investigated in case of any suspicion.
  • Many casinos provide loyalty points which is an added advantage.
  • Ease of making payments since lot of options are available like – credit card, paypal, debit card etc.
  • There are hundreds of games available to choose from thus a person is spoilt of choice.
  • Responsible gaming:  A person playing online has less chances of getting addicted since most of the online gaming also encourage responsible gaming.

Thus you can see online gaming as emerged as one of the most prominent mode of entertainment which is contributing to economic growth. It has huge potential which is still underutilised due to various misconceptions being spread in the society.

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