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How do you feel when….

There are various moments in life which make you feel sweet,bitter,puts in reminisces,cry,remorse,rejoice or embarassed.Sharing here few of those moments which I could remembered. Continue reading

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Does true love really exist ?

There is an old saying “whatever happens , happens for Good !!! “
But in real life is it really true ?
Can an event really change your life forever , even if fate chooses to snatch away the most precious thing from your life ?
Here is a story inspired from true life.Read it to believe it Continue reading

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There are times in life when a person feels completely lonely. When ghosts of past haunt him. When he feels left out and orphaned in a crowd. The feeling and pain is unbearable. Here is a poem which tries to … Continue reading

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Love overtakes friendship

Sometimes the biggest shock and backstabbing comes from the person who is most close to you.Sometimes Love overtakes friendship, call it power of love or a curse.But in either of case a heart is broken beyond repair. Continue reading

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Lost by a margin

June 2006 “Hey Raj I wish college would not end , so that I can sit here all the time with my friends and spend the best time of my life so far”said Jhanvi as she sipped the coffee,sitting in … Continue reading

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Tryst with Destiny

Fortunately a true fictional story Continue reading

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Raindrops !!!

A short life but how beautifully lived,sometimes nature unfolds the biggest mysteries through very basic things like RAINDROPS, which we ignore..Life is so funny Continue reading

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