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Ab to settle ho jao

For those who don’t know me let me clarify that I am a social animal and love partying & meeting different people.
But recently I am getting complaints,mostly from my relatives and parents “Beta, why are you not attending abc party  or get together or meeting aunts,uncle,mausa,mausi,mama etc.”
Sadly to say but I think I am suffering from so called “Ab-to-settle-ho-jao-phobia”.And I am quite confident that many of the bachelors of my age must have been victim of this dreaded phobia.

Myslef amd most of like me proudly declare oneself as “single” (a person who enjoys life to the fullest, a free bird,who doesnot have to answer anybody, no deadlines to go out of home or reach home, no
frequent calls on phones to give minute by minute status updates to girlfriend about your whereabouts..and list just goes on) alias a HAPPY PERSON FROM CORE.

But the unusual shift in trend recently has kept me on my tiptoe all the times whenever I attend any family function,party,marriage ceramonies or the like.Recently ina family function as I was about to gulp my favourite rasagulla,a distant uncle tapped on my back and said “Deepak to engage ho gaya ,ab tum bhi settle ho jao”, and believe me the taste of the most delicious rasagulla changes into a bitter one in a fraction of second.
With an embarrasement I gave a smile & said “Abhi to mere khelne koodne ke din hain” and I disappeared from the scene looking for a secluded place where I could fill my tummy.

I was groping  with this phobia for quite sometime and didnot dread to share with others till I heard from a friend of mine that he too was undergoing the same mental trauma.On exploring further I was happily surprised that all the single friends were undergoing the same situation.
Adding fuel to the fire are those cousins or friends who have already married,have kids and often visit home or call up my parents.
Having lost their freedom & happiness and jealous of mine they have the same dialogue to say “Ab tum bhi settle ho jao yaar” ,”You are missing the best part of life” ,”Kab tak bed ke dono taraf se utarte rahoge”.
I have to beg and sometimes threaten them citing the reason that  after they are gone I always end up with a “Emotional Atayachar cum emotional drama” session with  my parents where  I am stuck in catch 22 situation.

I am not sure how long this trauma will continue but would love to hear how you all(single like me) guys handle such situations.Your tips will be helpful to me.