Zor ka jhatka,Zoron se laga- Part I

In India even before the child is born parents not only decide the names but also his/her career whether he will be an engineer or a doctor (other options are subdued ).
By the time child starts crawling on 4 limbs ,parents become anxious about one thing i.e. “Marriage”and until  their  child doesnot settle down this ghost keeps haunting not only the parents but also the child,though he/she starts facing this ghost once they enter into a collegeitself.Presenting
below a story inspired from real life incidences of typical Indian setup where biggest responsibility of parents is settling of their kids.

Rahul had just reached home for his semester break holidays and was waiting anxiously to feast upon aloo paranthas  made by his mom.
This had been a dream year for Rahul who had got a campus placement in a MNC and was planning ahead for his corpoorate life ahead to get some experience prior to enroll for a degree in management.
“Hi Rahul ..how are you ? ” said Sneha, cousin sister and confidant of Rahul.
“Badiya hun didi “
“How is college life  and all ?”
“Its cool…having  gala time 🙂 “

“Hmmm gala time … alone or with someone ??”
“You know me very well Didi, I am never alone ” smilingly
“hmmm.. you have a girlfriend  ?? You never told me ?? someone special ?” raising one of the eyebrows.

“Commmon didi.. you know me very well,how can any girl risk to be my girlfriend..I enjoy with friends”

“sahi bata ??? koinahi hai ?” Sneha’s face was serious

This time Rahul sensed something  fishy, Sneha had never spoken to him in this way.
“Haan didi.. Nothing is hidden from you.. No girlfriend…..Yet  :P” and winked his eyes.

Sneha got a smile on a face ,having expressions on face which is similar to a person too hungry waiting to feast upon a tandoori chicken.

Rahul saw Sneha looking towards other room and nodding her head in affirmation to someone with a smile on her face.He turned back to see his parents peeping them.

“Oh God….” he said to himself, that means Sneha was sent by his parents to ask these questions.
He could sense what lay ahead for him in coming days.

Sneha- “So what have you thought about your future ?”
“hmmm.. after college want to get Industry experience for 3-4 years and then an MBA degree..”

“Have you ever thought of settling down ?” this question came as a RDX explosion on Rahul.
“Hey common .. am still kid …still lot to do and achieve ..I can’t spoil my life by  marrying now.”

“Do you have problem marrying now or marrying someone ?? Koi hai to bada de , I will talk to your parents”
“I told you ,there is no one but I don’t want to marry now”

Rahul had made various plans to spend his semester break to the fullest since it was the last semester break before he would be getting busy in the rut of corporate life post college.But this trip was turning out to be a nightmare for him.
But after few days he couldnot take anymore ,made an excuse that he has to attend special classes and moved back to hostel.

Now the visit of Rahul decreased in frequency to home and duration too was cut short.
In one of the visits to home , by the time Rahul could put down his backpack from his shoulders ,he could see some unknown guests looking at him and smiling.
The interview which followed spoilt his mood.
He went back the very next day.But the ordeal didnot end there,he constantly got photographs from his parents which he never bothered to see and said “no” each time.

After a while Rahul’s parents realized that he was a tough nut to crack and after so many rounds of negotiations agreed to give Rahul time of 2 years to work but at the same time prepare for MBA.
An undeclared pact was done between Rahul and his parents that after 2 years if he cracks CAT they will allow him  to do  MBA and then marry him off or else he will have to marry.
Rahul had no other option but to agree.

Now cracking CAT was not mere his ambition but a means of life of freedom for few more years.
He worked day and night but due to some unavoidable reason couldnot crack CAT in first attempt.
Again the ghost of marriage was about to haunt him,but he begged for one more year from his parents to prepare which the parents agreed on.This time a disk slip made sure he could not prepare in final stages of exam and hence missed this chance too.

Rahul had no answer, he was speechless “Oh God !!! I will have to marry ” such hallucinations were haunting him.
Adding to it was the undying pain of not making to IIMs despite so much of hard work.

Meanwhile parents were totally geared up and were searching  on war foot for a perfect match for Rahul .
Photographs,rounds of interview were a norm in life of Rahul.He always said a prayer “Bhagwaan mujhe bacha lo..please..”

After couple of months Rahul’s entire family and relaitves agreed upon a girl.

Sometimes God does hear prayers(especially to people who are married or on verge of marriage..is god married ?? sometimes I wonder 😛 ) and answers them too in his own way.
For an urgent assigment Rahul’s boss asked him to go Onsite for 2 months…Rahul saw this blessing in disguise…
Whoa !!! he excalimed.At least for 2 months he would be spared from this “shaadi ka drama

He flew abroad on short notice.
Meanwhile all the talks of marriage came to a  standstill in his absence.Rahul was bit relaxed now but busy in work.
Soon the trip which was to get over in 2 months kept on extending month by month making his total stay  extend to 11 months.
This time was more than enough for Rahul to think,ponder and mentally prepare himself for the  life which lay ahead.

Staying away from near and dear ones does teach important lessons of life and similar happened with Rahul.The distance, solitude , happenings in the  lives of his friends and  family changed his perception towards life and prepared him mentally  for the next phase of life.
On his return the girl Rahul met the girl chosen by his parent and after affirmation they got engaged.
Rahul had never thought in his wildest of dreams that his life was about to change now.

The person who was quite vocal about people going crazy once into a relationship was all set to sail in the same boat now.
What started as a mere introduciton were to become full time coonversations which would last entire night, sleep would go for  toss.Love was in the air and the couple could sense virtually flowers and leaves flying around with the unending music of violin (SImilar to movie Mohabattein).

What happened next ? How did the life change ?

A lot has to be told for which this post is not enough,so the real action will be continued in next post……

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  1. Upasana says:

    HMMM..ur story I guess…
    Written very well….

  2. Anupam says:

    Raju ki kahani, raju ki jubani…
    2 post bhi kam padenge…

  3. Shagun says:

    Hey…. I also had the same guess… 😉

  4. swapnil says:

    hmmmmmmmm…….achcha likha hai

  5. Anirudh says:

    Rajput Sama ki kahani…….:-D

  6. gayatri soni says:

    oh! so u must b waiting 2 get married after such a long break 😉
    i hope in ur next post there must b something interesting & romantic 2 b read……have a happy marriage journey 🙂

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