An Eternal Love story..

Some love stories have happy endings, some have sad but Ansh and Annanya’s love story had neither,

coz their’s was not an ordinary one, it was never destined to be just another story,

because they were not just an ordinary couple……..!!!!!

Chennai nov 2006,

Here is where it all started….
Ansh- the fresher , the dude, the hunk , the genius , the lover boy, the champ, the star performer,
the all rounder ….. Yes !!! these were the adjectives he was addressed by,

who joined the IT firm along with him.
In the batch of 40 new joinees he was the brightest and the smartest guy.
Boys would envy him and gals would crave to be in his company.
But he wasa down to earth guy.

Day 1 – Induction day.

The batch of 40 new engineers were sitting in a training hall, with curious look on
their face and butterflies in their stomach; after all it was first day on the job.
Some who were already batch mates from college and others who had made friends were busy gossiping,
some were texting to their friends and some were lost in thoughts…suddenly the aura of
the room was broken and entered a gorgeous , beautiful lady in black formal suit. Her smile and perfume
had already filled the room; with gasps on the faces of boys and girls were as usual envy 😛 .

Good morning and welcome to Sysofni technologies” the sweet melodious voice had a magical impact on all,

especially the male sapiens in the room. The voice entered through ears and was touching the strings of heart,

only a boy can understand that kind of feeling.
So here came Ananya, the HR of the company, spreading her charm across the room.
All eyes were glued to her as she introduced herself and spoke aboutthe company profile, work culture, and other activities.
Time flew like a feather and soon it was lunchtime.
Ananya was spending time with each person, trying to befriend each of them.
After lunch they she organized few team games and other fun filled activities.
In the evening when all were packing to go back, Ananya came to Ansh “Hi Ansh , So how was your first day“.
Ansh felt as if he was dreaming, his heart was pounding as if he were a horse, after mustering courage he could

only say “…ittt was good…” Ananya broke into laughter hearing this, since she understood his state of mind.
Don’t be nervous..ok …shall we go for a coffee ??
Nodding his head , Ansh went with her to canteen.
The talks which started would not have stopped if she had not got a call from her roommate in PG.
Oh God … i had to arrange for a bday party in PG…I have to leave now …will catch you later” and she was gone.

Ansh returned home and was dreaming all the while about Ananya, somehow he wished the night would pass
faster and he could see Ananya again in the morning.

As time passed by they became very good friends, in fact much more than friends.
Weekends, movies, walks on the beach, the drive along sea cost on East coast road, the ice cream parlor, all were
things which had contributed in their growing closeness for each other.

Soon Ansh got into project and pressures of IT life kept him busy and occupied.
Now they could spend less time together but whatever time they had together, they cherished each moment of it.
Each knew that they had “that special ” feeling for each other but somehow never expressed them .Eyes did all
the talking.

14 Feb , 2007, A restaurant on ECR
Ananya was waiting impatiently for Ansh for the special lunch table he had booked.
Late by 15 minutes, Ansh entered with a bouquet of red roses in his hand.
The atmosphere was serene, music was playing in low volume, everything was so smooth and cool.
But here 2 hearts were thumping with fastest intensity ever.
Ansh came to the table. Both were looking in each other’s eyeand spoke nothing. It’s a special feeling when
your eyes do the talking and you hear from your heart.
But sometimes you need to express your feelings in words, and this was the day which they both had waited for soooo long.
Ansh knelt on the knees in front of her and could say only this much even after hours of practice the nights before
Ananya , ever since you have come into my life I have got a reason to live, to dream ,to be smile , to be happy..
Will you be my smile throughout my life ?? Will you marry me??”

Raising his left hand which had a golden ring…

Ananya’s eyes were filled with tears, she could not say anything.

She had waited for this moment like anything, and now here it was.
She hugged him, with tears flowing down her chin.


One month later…
Soon they were facing the reality of life.
Their real struggle was waiting for them.
Both had to convince their families, who were opposed to the marriage.
To keep the story short , I would say they didn’t do what Chetan bhagat did in The two states,

since their families were hell bentagainst the marriage. Against their parents’ wishes they married each other,

with an assumption that as time will pass their families will accept them and their love.

Happily they were enjoying their married life.


Some months later….
Life is full of crests and troughs…
For onsite assignment Ansh had to leave the country for3 months, since Ananya was also working she could not accompany him.
Work pressure and time difference allowed very less time for each other to interact. What started with trivial disputes
soon started taking ugly fights. Things were changing very fast, and they were changing even faster.
By the time Ansh came back they both had developed lot of differences.

It took a while for each of them to sort out the differences,but the things were not as they were before.

Both were facing the challenges and reality of a married life, quite often their egos used to come as a reason of
tussle between the two.
Time was flying like anything and it was almost two years since they had married.
Though they loved each other but most of the time they were quarreling and fighting.
But from inside they wished things to turn out the way it was before; the love , the charm had faded.

Dec 2009,
Ansh was delighted to get an offer letter from GOOGLE , he was all delighted and elated
His plans of settling in north ,close to family and friends was soon to be realized.
He had to move to Gurgaon , but Ananya had stuck in dilemma, whether to quit job or look for transfer .
Either was difficult since recession had taken toll on market conditions.
She wanted Ansh to reject the offer but Ansh saw it as a golden opportunity.
This again led to a major fight amongst them , loosing temper Ansh said “You are jealous of my success,

You are selfish ” .And that was it. Ansh moved to Gurgaon
The way he reacted that night didn’t allow Ananya to tell Ansh that she was doing not for herself ,
but for the new life which was about to come to this world.
Yes she was pregnant, she wanted to disclose this news to him but before that came that offer letter.

She had wanted him to spend the time with her in the place where they had met and fell in love. ..
To make sure their child sees the light of day where their love blossomed.
It is said that distances are the real test of any relationship, and this couple was no exception.
They had frequent fights , things were getting ugly day by day.
Ananya used to cry all the time hating him and cursing why she had married this guy.
After 3 months after one such fight she said sobbily “You hurt me Ansh , you always make me cry ..

I feel like committing suicide ..If I die
then you will realize that you have lost not only me but the your child too..”

This is how she broke the news about the baby to Ansh.
Ansh was numbed and shocked to hear this.
Now he understood why Ananya insisted not leaving Chennai.

Ansh called back and asked her for pardon. He was almost begging with the guilt feeling which was insurmountable on his soul.
But Ananya was too broke to believe him.
Ansh said “Ananya i will quit this job and come back to you … to my child..I am sorry sweetheart. I
want to see you…I promise i will fly tonight to meet you…

Ananya hang the phone without saying a word.
As she sat there , the words of Ansh were still echoing in her mind .
Her heart said to forgive him but mind was refusing. Lost in thoughts and sobbing she had fallen asleep.

@2 am
Ananya’s eyes opened with the noise of doorbell.
She was amazed who could be at this time. “Has Ansh really come ?” she
thought for a while as she moved towards the door.
Her heart was thumping harder than ever.

As she opened the door she couldn’t believe her eyes,
Ansh was standing there with bouquet of red roses in his hand and kneeling on the ground
in the same manner he had proposed Ananya.

Ananya forgot all grievances and hugged him…Tears were rolling on her cheeks…
After the chit chat Ananya went in the kitchen to make his favorite dish.
after all the bad times ,happiness had found the way in their lives again

Soon her cell phone was ringing with an unknown number , the STD code was of Gurgaon.
Hello this is Inspector Lakhan Pal, can I know whom i am speaking to ??”
This is Ananya…” with a fear in her voice.
See yours was the last number dialed from the cellphone recovered from dead body of the person 2 hours ago. .He was trying to catch a bus in hurry and came under the truck…”
Hearing this, the phone slipped from her hand, she was shocked, her legs were shivering…mustering some courage she moved in the dining hall but didn’t find Ansh there.
She looked around the entire house but he was nowhere to be found.
Chill ran down her spine. She had only heard about these kind stories and lo now it happened with her.

Even death couldn’t stop Ansh from meeting her, his spirit had come to meet his true love for the last time.


Then suddenly the door bell rang.
Ananya was afraid to open the door but somehow she moved towards the door.
She opened to find Ansh standing there “Sorry I forgot to tell you . I had lost my cellphone while coming here so couldn’t inform my boss.
I went downstairs to make ISD call to US to inform him that I have resigned from the job. Ab chalo bhi aloo parathe khilao.. bhookh lagi hai”

N.B.All charactors in the story are fictitious and based on author’s imagination, Any resemblance with any living or dead-being would be considered as case of pure co-incident.

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34 Responses to An Eternal Love story..

  1. anirudh says:

    kamine….abaas mastaan ki suspense thriller bana raha hai !!
    vaise Gud 🙂

  2. Nainjot Singh says:

    Awesome story bhaiya ..

  3. loserreturns says:

    Hey..Great one yaar…

  4. Subhashini Shanmugam says:

    Good Story!!! 🙂

  5. piyush says:

    Duuuuuuude! amazing story but the ast ran don a chill in my bones too! Good going! I hope get even better in the coming days 🙂

  6. Ruchika Arora says:

    am sorry…bt somehow i didnt like the story….
    May be the theme….may be the flavor….

    It has sad vibes around it….pad kar khushi nahi dukh hua…..
    bahot depressing thi……..

    Anyways its my personal opinion and interest..

    Keep on writin..!!!!!!

  7. nimcy says:

    love the narration… fast paced and whole post read without skipping a word in 3 mints

  8. archana says:

    I liked the story………………

  9. Snigdha says:

    Awesome…good one…tum Jacksonville me kya kar rahe ho…Bombay jao 🙂

  10. Upasana says:

    no words….too good…

  11. mangoman says:


  12. ravsworld says:

    Thanks.. waise u know the reality behind this story..
    Thanks buddy 🙂
    @Lover Boy
    Thankewww…compliment from a writer like u is always encouraging:)
    Thanks… Nandri 🙂
    bhai i am happy that u liked it.Climax was the USP of this story.. will try to better next time ..

    First of all thanks for ur honest opinion.. i appreciate that..
    Will try to write something which has positive message in it… 🙂
    keep reading 🙂

    heartly thanks…I am happily surprised that u finished reading in 3 min 🙂

    Madam chance nahi mil raha nahi to engineer i naukri chod ke full time writer ban jaun 🙂

    Only one word –> humbled 🙂

    Thankkewwwwwwwww… 🙂

  13. manjulika says:

    I loved the end. Thank God it dint have a sad ending. 🙂

  14. ravsworld says:

    the USP of the story is its ending.. i am contended u liked it… 🙂
    and hats off to your patience too for reading tilllllll the end 🙂

  15. manjulika says:

    @RR- you know what its very well written, u dont have to make attempts to carry on till the end… it just pulls u till the end..

  16. ravsworld says:

    What to say …. main to sharm se paani paani ho raha hun 🙂

  17. priyam says:

    Nice story…Thankfully u didn’t make a tragic Shakespeare out of it 🙂

  18. Akshat says:

    awesome post sir, as always I enjoyed reading every bit of it, the theme is inspired by real life scenarios of a working couple and the typical male mentality of blaming the other for being envious.This has been brought out really well and story is quite catchy, the twist at the end adds to the excitement.Lekin ye kiss dost ki life pe aadharit hai?? 😀

  19. Kumar VArun says:

    I Luv Gals in Black Formal Suit…

  20. Shar says:


    The story is gripping and the end is fabulous. All the while I was thinking it is just that normal Bollywood story but I had to change my thought after reading the climax.

    This is great. Ah.. this also reminds me of Chetan Bhagat’s “Two States” due to the protagonist’s names in your story. I think you can be a good Bollywood thriller makers.

    Incidentally, this is also my first response to any blog. I have always been interested in writing but couldn’t muster enough courage due to my bad writing skills. However, I would soon be making my debut with it and right now thinking on what to write as I would want to stick to a theme than writing randomnly on anything.


  21. kingkota says:

    Very nice story dude….while reading imagining me at that situation…

  22. Rahul Singh says:

    Nice Story.. a movie can be made on it 😛

  23. Pawan says:

    muzhe aaisa kyo lag raha yeh kahnai thodi janai pahchani si hai..!!

  24. ravsworld says:

    Thanks buddy …Shakespearean end would have been too tragic….just tried to give a different nad surprising end to this story
    Thanks bhai for the compliments 🙂 am happy u liked it.. to some extend the story resembles to a real life incident of my friend but
    the enitre portrayal is purely based on fiction .
    Me too 😛
    thanks buddy…happier that u got involved in the character..
    @Rahul SIngh
    whoa… a movie..if it happens by any chance i will be the happiest person on this planet

  25. Manas says:

    Gud Bhai…

    Achi lagi story and btw.. as Varun pointed out… i like girls in black formals..especially if they are HRs.

    On a more serious note…. good writing Ravindra…. I liked the story…
    Keep on writing and please do not forget to include me in your list of sending your works to.

  26. ravsworld says:

    Thanks Shar… i am happy u liked the story 🙂
    and also i feel obliged to get ur first response to any blog
    “Bollywood thriller maker” hmmm …will have to give a serious thinking now 🙂
    Do start writing dear… its a great passion and soon u will find addicted to it..
    waiting impatiently for ur first blogpost

  27. anirudh says:

    maine to comments b padh daale :-P. aur ye ‘mujhe’ ko ‘muzhe’ jisne likha h ye OEO hi h naa??

  28. ravsworld says:

    Haan bhai 🙂 One and only our beloved Mr. OEO 😛

  29. ravsworld says:

    I am happy to get a comment and compliment from you 🙂
    It will be my pleasure to share the bits and pieces i write with you 🙂

  30. Anshul Dixit says:

    Ohh man that was fabulous.. kept me to the edge of my desk.. and the end ws superb.. good that u didn end it in an expected way(ghost and all u knw).. keep them coming…

  31. Kumar VArun says:

    Phool Kuch Is Tarah Tod, Aey Bagbaan ,Shaakh Hilne Na Paye, Na Aawaaz Ho,
    Warna Gulshan May Phir, Na Bahar Ayegi, Har Kali Ka Kaleja, Dahal Jayega!

    Teer Ki Jaan Hai Dil, Dil Ki Jaan Teer Hai ,Teer Se Yoon Na Khelo, Khuda Ke Liye,
    Teer Nikla To ,Dil Bhi Nikal Jaega, Dil Jo Nikla To, Dum Bhi Nikal Jayega!

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  33. suraj says:

    Bhai! The comments only tell what an impact Ur story had. I liked it so much. Narrated Hard facts of life but the end was too good… cheers!!!

  34. Auth says:

    well i think tht entire siutotian cud hav bin avoided if u had avoided the ex-gf.tht was like totally an ambush.u wudve enjoyed ur night and the kiss mightve bin more enjoyable,cuz u wudve bin relaxed.and if it still had turned out the same way.yall mightve jus laffed it off.seraly

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