An underdog’s lovestory !!!

How much is just enough to know someone to take that BIGGEST decision of the life when you have decided that he/she is the person with whom you want to spend rest of your life ?
Hold on ..hold on.. don’t put stress on your grey cells.Read ahead, it may help you in deciding in its own way.

Engineering Days:
I had a group of friends and like everyone’s group mine too was a special one,
having all sorts of unique characters in it.Gaurav(name changed) was the unique one,a chapter of whose life I am going to share here.
He was the most brilliant and padhaku kind in the group.Papa’s child(not mummy’s 🙂 ) ,simple and humble guy.
While rest of us were average students but smart enough to be termed as jack of all trades,Gaurav had none.
By the time college got over all of us had their share of ups and down , had fallen into relationships;Gaurav was unsuccessful after several attempts on several girls.His ordeal started in first semester when he proposed a girl from my branch who brushed him aside by shouting “Don’t irritate me !!”
This dialogue has been our punchline  since then and will continue for time immemorial.

Corporate life:
Few of us got campus placement in a MNC and came to Chennai to start our careers in IT industry.
At home while rest of the people got busy either in balcony,terrace or in a corner of the room talking with their sweethearts/home  after the dinner,Gaurav was busy surfing net Orkutting and chatting with unknown people, often complaining us “Yaar mujhme kya kami hai jo…” and we all
used to burst into  laughter.
Life went on as usual but after a couple of months there was a sudden change in behaviour of  Gaurav.The guy who was so punctual about the dinner was skipping dinner with us and instead could be found hanging in the balcony talking for hours to someone “unknown” to us.
All were surprised with the sudden turn of events in our bachelor’s den.

Soon Gaurav started making monthly trips to his native,lucknow.We suspected something was  really fishy.

In one of the late night gossip sessions when a person amongst us  would be made target to pull his leg as much as possible, Gaurav was forced to share the secret.
At first he relented and then he gave in “Yes, guys !! I am in a relationship …..finally  🙂 “  raising his hand and head in air as Sachin does after each century he hits.After that  there was no looking back.

The talks on phone and chatting on messenger  were endless,lunch break & tea breaks in office got extended,nights seemed to be of short duration and love talks never ceased to end.
Other room mates were happily surprised and I, who never played cards was forced to learn “court piece ” since the fourth partner would be never available now.

“The blush on the face,the cheerfullness in the life of a person increases in love ” someone might have said , but we saw that in our house.

Life is so funny.In matters of love or any relationship a person tries to put his best foot forward and leaves no stone unturned to make the very first impression a lasting one.
But our Gauravji belonged to a special breed of Homosapiens who got introduced to the girls’ family not as “friend” or a “colleague” but as a computer mechanic …lol.
He entered the girls’ house as a computer mechanic who had come to repair the computer which had been lying dead for months.
This is where we engineers are so successful in applying our knowledge for real life needs.Being a computer science graduate it was a simple job for him but he got an oppurtunity to spend 6 hours at the house.This time was more than enough to start conversation with each member of house , leave an impression and  finally feast on tasty dinner.

After this daring but successul stunt Gaurav’s dating style had more similar daring stunts which cannot be mentioned here else I will be in ICU with punches all over my face.
In a nutshell all I can say is that not a nook and corner of Lucknow would have been spared by both the love birds for their love to blossom and understand each other.

Road to a successful marriage is never easy and if it’s a Love marriage then better be prepared for some world war like scenarios where each family witnesses Hiroshima and Nagasaki like havoc when for the first times the news about the boy/girl you love ,is told.Hell breaks loose and even lord Krishna(idol of every dandy bachelor) would fear to enter such houses.
Gaurav’s story was no different.A boy who had never killed a cockroach in his life would be in a chakraviyuh like situation fighting against his parents,uncles,aunts,grandparents,mausa,mausi,fufa,bua,cousins blah blah
to convince that he is serious about the girl and wants to marry her.Adding petrol to fire was  so called inter caste issues and him being only son of his parents with a younger sister who was still unmarried.

But when a person falls in love and that too a TRUE one he gets supernatual powers and excellent  communication and convincing skills.Gaurav proved that we had always underestimated him.

After months of tussle finally he could convince all, and in one of these Lucknow visits we got a call from Gaurav “Bhai gharwaale maan gaye finally….Engagement is in sept and marriage in November

So finally the simple friendship which started on social networking site ORKUT resulted in marriage of two souls who have been deeply in love ever after the marriage.
An underestimated guy who was butt of jokes had left each of us dumbstruck by the feat he achieved.And  finally he fulfilled one of his resolutions too  😛
Gauravji was the first amongst our chennai friends who got married,leaving behind all other couples whose love stories either fell apart or is still struggling to fructify.

We all are still waiting for that “special good news ” from our dearest Gauravji 😛

NB: This article is published after due permission from main protagonist.So all the characters in this story are real and resemeblance with them is purely intentional 🙂 😛

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13 Responses to An underdog’s lovestory !!!

  1. Anirudh says:

    Gaurav ji to senti ho jayenge padhte hi…;-)…”amaaa yaar tum boht likhte ho rajput..(with a blush)” would be his reaction …;-P

  2. Vandana says:

    hmm gaurab ji is really far far ahead of us….we wud have loved to hear more of his daring acts to impress his in laws…could have been useful for tips n tricks..welll done Raju san…its impossible to let any of ur blogs go by without peeking into them..i am waiting for ur book to come up soon…next chetan bhagat.. 🙂

  3. Sharma Saurabh says:

    Thanks Gaurav(:P) for making our hostel life a memorable one…..
    hum log aadhe time to inki baaton ke karan hi haste the pet pakad ke :D….
    wish u a very happy future ahead…
    Rajuji Keep writing 🙂

  4. Shweta Singh says:

    Loved it…. And who Congrats Gauravji 😀 well done!!!

  5. Priyanka says:

    Nice one raju…All ur blogs are captivating..I am also eagerly waiting for your book
    And a toast for Gaurav ji and his wife for a long and happy married life….

  6. Samta says:

    hehe..Kya baat Rajput..soo refreshing it was..Gaurav ji really did a wonderful thing and the best part was he married a gal who is soo beautiful and charming and changed his life completely…:)

  7. Kanika says:

    I agree with you completely samta

  8. Upasana says:

    :)…I was waiting for this from so long…well described…

  9. Deepak says:

    Thank you Gaurav ji….. i still share your dialogues with my frnds and i still wish that we all get sometime to have a gud get-together… thanks again for being a part of our hostel life.

    GHUSSSSssss saale… bahut thanks ho gaya……….. :):)

  10. gayatri soni/ chhannu says:

    it seems he was barely seeking for someone 2 change his monotonous life 😉 🙂

  11. gayatri soni/ chhannu says:

    sorry painstakingly 😉

  12. Shagun says:

    Well Gaurav ji… 🙂 Rajput..tum itna kaise likh lete ho…? Lekin bahut acha likhte ho… Waiting for your novel….

  13. Shagun says:

    Well Done Gaurav ji… Yeh hui na baat…..
    Ravindra… Waiting for your novel to release…

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