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The Magic of Thinking BIG

Believe in yourself, believe you can succeed. Vaccinate yourself against excusitis, the disease of the failures The thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you may have. Remind yourself several times daily “My attitudes … Continue reading

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How do you feel when….

There are various moments in life which make you feel sweet,bitter,puts in reminisces,cry,remorse,rejoice or embarassed.Sharing here few of those moments which I could remembered. Continue reading

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Why I prefer India over USA !!!

Lost in deep thoughts, I was busy packing my baggage with an expression less face .But I was not at all surprised to see the happiness on the face of my wife. She was all excited ever since I broke … Continue reading

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The crumbled rose

Metro Station, Noida Sec-18 3:30 pm “Bhagwaan aapki jodi salamat rakhe” “Madam ke liye phool le lo” “Didi phool le lo,garib ko khane ko paise mil jayenge” It had been a long hot day for Manish who had been running … Continue reading

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The Ant Philosophy

When I was a kid one of my teachers shared a beautiful philosophy,which has helped me all through these years in sailing through thick and thin.She advised me to study ants.They have an amazing philosophy which I am presenting in … Continue reading

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Mediocre or Extraordinary, what will you choose to be?

The board room meeting was in full flow,the top honchos were busy with ppts and discussions. It was a routine affair,which had no new element to think or brainstrom. Some of the people were in half slumber since nothing was … Continue reading

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The Dual Me

Last evening I had a conversation with my cousin.As we talked casually the topic of discussion reached IT industry. Here we had varied opinions.Myself being a software engineer had my own views whereas herself,being an HR in the same industry … Continue reading

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