There are times in life when a person feels completely lonely.
When ghosts of past haunt him.
When he feels left out and orphaned in a crowd.
The feeling and pain is unbearable.
Here is a poem which tries to portray similar feelings.

Standing alone in the crowd,
Unnoticed, depressed, Alone…

Nobody Knows you,
Nobody tries to know you,
You are, who you are ?
Yourself for company.

You look upto the sky
Then you look around
You peep into your heart
To find no one around.

The emptiness pinches to the core,
Your soul earns for that “Love”,
Your shadow seeks for its identity,
The deepest pain comes to the fore.

How much you wish the mask to fall,
And the curtains be raised,
The light to enter your bosom,
And the Love giving Lifeline to the soul.

The moment seems to have arrived,
The person comes and holds your hand.
Your heart merges with yours partner’s,
And love finally conquers and annihilates one and all ……

PS: This poem is dedicated to my wife

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6 Responses to Emptiness

  1. Deepak Tyagi says:

    Hi Raju,
    Awesome lines .. :):):) Specially the last para for you and ur love.. 🙂

    Enjoy !!!

  2. Samta says:

    Loved it..:) this thing is felt by almost everybody…:)

  3. Amit Wadekar says:

    itna centi kyu ho gaya bhai. Ab to shadi bhi ho gayi.

  4. Shagun says:


  5. Bhaskar says:

    This 1 actually got me reminiscent of my not so good ol days, the first part atleast :-D………I tended to explain my perspective on the same some 2 months ago, heavily embedded wid sum b skool jargons though :-D……..jus in case u wanna glance thru it, here are the links…. http://morningdiaries.blogspot.com/2011/02/romancetrue-love-my-two-cents-part-2.html & http://morningdiaries.blogspot.com/2011/02/romance-true-love-my-two-cents-part-1.html

  6. àbhi says:

    Love this song

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