Love overtakes friendship

It was Sunday evening. Priya, Anu and  me were sitting and chatting in our room. Neha came running in my room. Suddenly Neha hugged me and said “He proposed me today .. yeapppieeeee  !!! “

I knew it would happen one day so didn’t react much but yes, we all were happy for her because she waited anxiously for that moment for more than a year.

That moment changed her a lot in every aspect. We could see change in her looks, nature and most importantly her dressing sense. Previously Neha had a very bad sense of dressing.

I had heard that love is so powerful that it can change a person in a positive manner. But I used to take this four letter word as wastage of time, feelings, emotions and money.

I used to think how can two persons devote their precious time to each other forgetting all important works?

How can two persons tolerate each other for so long?

How can they waste their parent’s money for buying gifts for each other on some stupid occasions  like Valentine’s Day,dating et al?

But these  were all are my faiths and beliefs.Neha’s feelings  were totally different from mine. She was on top of the world, might be thinking about her golden future with his love of life  Sameer.

Sameer was a final year BBM(Bachelor of Business Administration) student in our college, used to stay in boys hostel just few meters away from our hostel in the same college campus.

Sameer and Neha  used to have lunch together in college cafeteria, bunk classes for movies ,outing and for some  special moments to share with one another.

When you are deeply in Love with someone the world appears so beautiful and sweet place. Neha became so busy that she forgot our group, busy with Sameer in college hours and busy with him on phone in hostel. I never thought love can change a person so much. Days passed and  our semester exams came and we all were busy in our studies.

Exams got over in one week and we all were ready to go to our hometowns. We all were happy except Neha, because she wouldn’t be able to see Sameer for two months. Sameer had joined MBA coaching classes so he decided to stay back in hostel and do his MBA preparations. As time passed our vacations were over and we all landed back in college hostel again. Neha had reached one day before me.

It was 11 am on morning of Saturday .I unlocked my room, entered and lied on my bed to take rest after the tiring journey of two days. Suddenly Neha came to my room with swollen eyes.  She didn’t appear to be the same person whom I had known and left 2 months  before our vacations. Her face was red and  eyes were full of tears, rolling down the cheeks.

I asked her “what happened yaar? Kya hua tujhe ? “ Tell me please”.I could not see her in such pain.

Her tears didn’t stop. I sensed  something bad  happened between Sameer and Neha,may be some kind of misunderstanding that happens in most of the couples.

I said “Everything will be fine yaar”

“Tu ro mat,Thodi bahut ladai to sab couples mein hoti hai.”

She said “Nai yaar sab khatam ho gaya between me and Sameer.He has changed a lot.”

“You won’t believe Sameer is going around with Shikha”

I was stunned hearing this. I was not ready to believe this.

Shikha was Neha’s roommate, was a BBM student. She also stayed back in hostel for MBA preparations. I never expected this from Sameer. Why he did so?

Neha was much smart and beautiful than Shikha so no reason that he had gone on looks. Shikha and Neha were school friends, came together for graduation. Why Shikha did so? Didn’t she should have cared for such long years of their friendship………….. ???

These questions have been  haunting me till date.

It’s been six years of completion of our graduation. I heard from one of my  friends that Shikha is happily married with Sameer staying in Canada, mother of six months old baby.

Neha is working in some pharmaceutical company in Bangalore. She is still single………………..

NB: Snehil is a guest blogger and my dear sister who is my friend philosopher and guide. She has made an attempt for blogging through this article. Your honest feedback will be much appreciated.

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5 Responses to Love overtakes friendship

  1. gayatri soni/ chhannu says:

    oh! felt very bad for neha šŸ™ i wish neha may cum out of this phase, she must b happy that that unreliable guy is not in her life, he didn’t deserve her true love & now she must move on šŸ™‚

  2. Dinesh says:

    I feel bad for Neha. And Samir and Sikha are at fault. What’s the gaurantee that Samir doesn’t leave Shika for some other beautiful girl. And I definetly don’t want a friend like Sikha. I don’t understand how bad and mean people can be.

  3. Divya says:

    I feel bad for Neha..But now she should try to move on … Samir surely does’nt deserve her love..

  4. Manu Vashishtha says:

    Yeah its true that neha must be in intense pain……..
    But how can you say that sameer was unreliable……….c’mon grow up.

    She has clearly mentioned that sameer and sikha are married now and have a six year old baby.
    Do you think he was kind of person who is unreliable.

    Yeah,Its true that may be he went wrong with neha…………May be he cudn love that girl truely.So instead of trying for the relation in which there is no love from one side.So he left that relation for the betterment of both.

    How can be such a guy unreliable.

    either you never gone under such situation ever or may be you have nt loved ny one.

  5. ajay says:

    nice story

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