Music is the essence of life

The crowd was going crazy over the airport staff. It had been 12 hours stranded at the airport. The weather outside was very rough and all the flights had been cancelled. The Airport authorities were having a very tough time managing the operations with more than hundred flights cancelled and managing a swelling crowd which was going crazy. The situation was not good. People could not even venture out of the airport since the rain & wind were gushing heavily outside. It was one of the biggest airports in Europe with sizeable number of Indian citizens.

Among these stranded crowd of passengers were two ordinary looking souls. But these were just not some odd person in sea of human souls. What was about to happen was much more surprising. These two people walked into the cabin of Station Manager and suggested him an idea. Initially he didn’t agree with them but later he had to give in since he had no other workable idea in his hand.

These two people walked back and sat on the bench. There was a lot of open space in the hall where the passengers were seated .Suddenly through the public announcement system a song started playing. The man moved in the centre of the hall and started dancing on the music. Whereas the other person who was  a lady ,had mike in her hand was singing song with her magical voice.

The crowd immediately recognised the person performing in front of the crowd. He was none other than the dancing sensation – Allu Arjun. His dance moves were already driving people crazy all around the world. He was the latest dancing sensation in the Indian film industry. They got another surprise when they saw who the lady was behind the mike. She was Anushka Manchanda, who was house hold name in India. Here voice was magical which had driven people crazy all around the globe.

Soon the entire crowd, which was quarrelling with the airport staff was hooked to the performance of these two artists. The deadly combination of magical voice of Anushka and crazy dance steps of Allu Arjun were making people go in awe.

Soon there were kids and youngsters from the crowd who joined these folks and the dancers on the floor were increasing in the crowd with passage of each song. The people forgot their troubles, got charged up, felt refreshed and were enjoying the fun to the core. All those who were not even aware about these two artists were applauding their performance and the initiative they took to entertain the people who were suffering. With this fun and frolic, little did people realize that almost 5 hours had passed away and the weather was clear for the flights to take off. The videos & pics which were shot at these performance had already gone viral on social networking sites. These two artists were now famous with more people across the world and the next day’s newspapers were splashed with the pics and details of the events that unfolded the previous day. The local administration thanked these two stars to help them overcome such a crisis.

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