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Myairtel App

With each passing day there is an advancement in technology and one of the evidence is smartphones being used by us which is getting smarter day by day. But it’s not only the features of the phone which fascinates us. The advent of mobile phones have entirely changed our lives.

After internet was introduced and brought within the  reach of common man through computers it has become an integral part of our lives. But the actual revolution came when internet was introduced in mobile phones. Suddenly world started shrinking and was getting immersed in the hands of a common man.

I never knew that our lives will entirely change by the introduction of mobile apps. Suddenly all what was done on a laptop or a computer can now be done anytime , anywhere , whenever we like ,just by touch of thumb. Adding to the world of amazing apps , here comes airtel with its own app which has revolutionized my life too. Below are some of the features which I like the most about it.

1) Bill payment on the go :

One of the bigger pains in life which I face is making payments of bills, especially those of mobile phones or DTH. Before the concept of online payment came ,it was a big pain to queue up at airtel stores to do the payment. It was sheer waste of time and energy. Then came the concept of online payment via desktop of laptop. This eased a lot of pain but still we had to login to system and make payments. There was lot of dependency on the availability of hardware , electricity, internet availability and at times we used to forget too ,due to our busy schedule and hectic life. I am very much happy to use the feature of making payments of my bills using myairtel app. It is simply convenient and the payment can be done anytime, anywhere. While I am travelling , out of station, or stuck in traffic ; I can utilize  my time in the best possible way.

Recharging your mobile or DTH and paying your postpaid or fixed line bills is very easy with

  • PCIDSS certification
  • Store card details for a faster checkout
  • A friendly and intuitive interface
  • Real time bill tracking
  • A personalized user experience

2) Manage services :

Earlier there was a lot of hassle to call up the customer care , get details about the service available and get them activated or deactivated. There was lot of followups which had to be done and was a frustrating experience. Now I can manage all my services on the app, add or remove the service which I like or dislike. This has been a good experience for me.

3) Bill detail :

Earlier I had to wait for an entire month to see the bill details which was delivered to me via post in the form of a hard copy or in the form of a soft copy( through email). This has been eased with the availability of the same in the app. Now I can see all the details of the bill in the myairtel app installed on my phone.I can also see the outstanding bill and the unbilled usage of my airtel connection.

4) Special Offers:

I can see all the special offers which Airtel is offering on myairtel app. This helps in choosing the best offer which suits my needs and pocket.

5) Raise Service Request :

Using airtel app , I can directly raise a service request for any help which is required for my airtel connection through the comfort of a smartphone. I neednot call customer care and spend my time.


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