Taazgi Ka Dhamaka

Music is the one thing which sets the tune for me. Especially when I want some energy and excitement in my otherwise boring and dull life. Music is like that cool breeze in the morning which freshens up my mind and soul.

Here is the list of my 10 favorite music videos which makes me go head over heels :

1)  Allu Arjun is an exceptional dancer whereas Anushka Manchanda is an amazing singer. When both of these highly talented artists come on same stage then there is magic. This video is a perfect example of the same #MaxFreshMove


2) This video has been my favorite since I was a child. The beats and lyrics send electrifying energy in my entire body. If you don’t believe me , then you need to see this video.


3) This song and video created sensation and declared the arrival of Prabhu Deva on the big screen of Indian cinema. The fabulous music of AR Rehman and mind blowing steps of Prabhu Deva are a treat to our eyes.


4)  This video gave another dancing sensation to Bollywood. Some critics even say that Hrithik is better dancer than an actor but who cares, I just enjoy this video.


5) Some songs and video are evergreen . They keep their freshness and energy alive even after decades. This particular video still makes me start dancing  even after I may be tired from a rough day at office.


6)  If there is any song & dance which is synonymous with dancing sensation of 80s , it is this song starring Mithun. It was success and craze of this song that he still remembered as disco dancer. Till date in various reality shows he is being asked to dance on the tunes of this song.


7) The best combination of beauty and dance is this song. Divya Bharti is one of my favorite actresses in Bollywood and whenever I think about her , this is the song which comes first to my mind. Even today  no dance party, disc or family function is complete if this song is not played. I love this song 🙂


8)  I remember the time when I was in school and first time I heard this song. It made me crazy. How often I tried to copy the steps of this song. Khiladi Akshay kumar became my favorite actor due this song only.


9)  This video has the best dance performance of Amitabh Bachchan. The sheer energy and excitement generated by this video still drives me crazy.


10 ) Prabhu Deva is such a  versatile dancer and choreographer that he made Madhuri give one of the best onscreen dance performance ever.


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