We can PISS in public but cannot KISS ???


Can you guess what is common between MF Hussain and a common Indian ?? hmmm …

Ok let me answer this one ”Both are great artists “, but with a “difference” both have their own style of painting .

MF Hussain uses a canvas for his paintings whereas a common man has a greater scope for his artistic capabilities ; his canvas varies from all the walls of great buildings in public places , at bus stops, behind cinema hall, along roadside or to say wherever there is public access.

No doubt we are country of great talent, but it’s also an irony that we exhibit this rare talent wherever we feel like.

Surprisingly we have got accustomed to it. We feel great pleasure and sense of pride to ease ourselves especially at the places, or to be precise on the board itself which displays warning to do so. Shamelessly its assumed to be public display of manhood.

In one of the instances I tried to show my bravado and interrupted an artist busy in his painting “Are bhai saab sirf 10 kadam door hai public toilet wahan kyun nahi chale jaate ??

I got a challenge “aapko matlab ?? agar himmat hai to uske andar ghus kar dikhao ?

Publicly someone had challenged me, and there was no point reverting back at all .I accepted the challenge and tried to enter the dungeon. Hardly 5 meters away I was on the verge of collapsing due the perfume factory inside. Had I entered, it would have taken an army of fire fighters to get me out with special anti bio-logical warfare gas masks and scuba diving kits on 🙂 .

Coming to the point, is it the question of lack of sense or lack of civic sense?

Scene II

My friend was having a leisure walk with his girlfriend, holding hand in her hands, on one of the beaches.


Time was flying like anything with their sweet romantic talks. Soon it was time to depart (when you are with a beautiful girl time follows theory of relativity ,when hours appear to be seconds ) as it was getting dark. Out of affection the couple gave a hug to each other and my friend kissed on his girlfriend’s cheeks as a routine see off . And lo, hell broke on them. Out of nowhere so called moral guardians sprang on and took them for a ride. They showered all sorts of adjectives they had in their vocabulary ,on the ground of calling it against our culture, ethics and all those blah blah stuff. After lot of melodrama my friend had to do 10 sit ups holding his ears. Thank god they did not make him tie rakhi to her or else ” wo to loot jata, barbaad ho jaata

And these were not the only couple who faced this treatment , we can hear and see lot of these happenings around us especially on the eve of Valentine’s day , couples getting a Talibanised treatment.

My question is what’s wrong in kissing?? Is it a crime to display affection in public??

After allwe will be supporting themost essential need for human society -Love and peace, which is lacking in today’s world.

Pissing in public is acceptable to us but kissing is not .Are we not a nation of hypocrites ??

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23 Responses to We can PISS in public but cannot KISS ???

  1. colors says:

    LOL, the comparision of paint brush and painting made me laugh very much….
    very creative, humourous post

    i painted many walls and trees without even knowing that i am painting.
    i used to balance the painting on all sides so that symmetry should be maintained :d

    • ravsworld says:

      hahahaha.. i appreciate that u liked my post … but it will serve its purpose if i can motivate even a single person to take care from next time onwards when he intends to do painting 🙂

  2. loserreturns says:

    ROFL…Brilliant Ravindra..

    Wonderful sarcasm laced humor…Loved ittt…

  3. jaaliengineer says:

    nice pic with the nike ad on the wall…

  4. nksjava says:

    brother…u r ri8…thr is no harm in fulfilling d most essential need for d human being…nobody is stopping u…
    but don’t u find better places for that??
    why to show our affection to our beloved ones to that extent that may nauseate other ppl.
    the places whr ppl don’t mind seeing other persons involved in whatever u r doing..but in our country , d society is based on values n traditions…i agree dat some of these values r baseless but dat dzzn mean dat v forget our culture completely….

    d post was nice..d humour was classy…but i don’t agree wid u on d point of showing public affection….
    don’t take my comments otherwise…it was my personal opinion…

    • ravsworld says:

      i fully agree with you that we are country of moral vlaues and traditions and even i respect them, but my point is the hypocrisy we show ..on one hand we don’t like people displaying affection in public (though more immoral things are being displayed on young minds through satellite tv, internert ,media etc.) but at the same time we have given acceptance to other uncivic activities… it’s high time we grow up and show some maturity in dealing these kinds of situation…
      plz dont take it personally dude 🙂

  5. justanotherconsciousness says:

    Yes nothing can be more indecent than pissing in public.But for that we Indian men are responsible .We can too hold it,like women do and do it at some restaurant’s Toilet.

  6. unpredictable says:

    gr8 stuff buddy keep it up

  7. patialarun says:


  8. Oj says:

    First two lines are simply amazing and that ‘Just Do It’ making a perfect filler..

  9. Anand Vaidya says:

    Rajput sama, thought provoking post …. I dont know what will be the length of this comment but would like to apologize in advance for the same…
    Rajput I fail to see the hypocrisy involved … here’s my analysis why …
    Case 1) When you question whether there exists a lack of civic sense I see a blatant disregard for local laws (the reasons for which may vary)… u are also be familiar with this case … a thought .. most of the highly educated class which has traveled abroad is extremly careful about following the local laws abroad esp laws wrt public hygiene however they feel no compunction violating those same laws here ..how can we expect for an illiterate person to follow those laws and not paint on the board itself which forbid the same ?? It is tolerated not accepted .. [the urge to paint supercedes all LAWS :)]

    Case 2: Maybe this point is to highlight the hypocrisy .. or a call for accepting this behaviour too as other violations are also accepted I dont know which.. I agree that ur comment to neeraj holds some merit however .. does condoning other uncivic activities mean that such activities which could potentially have an impact the socities moral fibre and future shuld also be condoned ?? Think of the consequences !! On thinking only extreme cases do come to mind (I shudder to think on them and I do not want to elaborate on this).. Secondly I understand that u wished to elaborate but comparing the moral police to taliban wuld b stretching it too far … certainly their reactions do violate personal laws of freedom but then the question arises how do you curb/stop the commercialization, marketing and trivialization of a sacred feeling like love, respect to ur kin, parents etc…??? I could have written a longer passage on this expressing my views .. but will hav to start a blog for that 😀
    Anyhow once again sorry 4 d length of the comment n thanx 4 the article .. Njoi

  10. invincible says:

    well i have a lot to say on this, but i dont want to…paradox na? well!!!!!!!! i hate men for some rubbish stuff like one mentioned in your post, and every sensible person does….. and the other part too has aroused similar paradoxial feelings…. i feel irritated of both stupidities………… its called The Great Indian Hypocrisy……..

    • ravsworld says:

      I can very well understand ur feelings… i agree with you every sensible person will indeed hate it … what to do we are country of great hypocrites 🙁

  11. Nilay says:

    Very nice article. Tackles an important issue with good humour.
    Nice work..

  12. ravsworld says:

    Thanks Nilay for the encouragement 🙂

  13. Rohit Arora says:

    Hi Ravindra,

    A really hillarious masterpiece, thought provoking too.
    Good one buddy.. Keep it up

  14. Aga says:

    An eye-opening post and also a good example on how culture defines even non-conscious habits or especially them. I am involved in a relationship with an Indian man, and for a while I was happy. Until I have noticed he behaves different at home and different in public, and the extent of difference is like black to white. Huge. Personally I do not fancy too much of PDA, but in my home country there is a natural and respectful way of showing a spouse to the world. May it be girlfriend, wife whatever. Good breeding says: sit next to your partner at the party, or close to her, because you are there to attend her at the table. Second one: if you meet your friends with her, and she does not know them, you are supposed to say: Hello, please meet Aga, my girlfriend. Usually a man is not running faster than a woman on the street, and basically it is visible that it is a couple. If a guy behaves in public like we were just distant friends or even strangers, it gives a message: I do not treat you seriously, I do not care for you. Frankly speaking it says that a man is ashamed of a woman. But now when I read that people in India can be punished by some idiots for showing respect and affection to their spouses, it clarifies a lot. And for God’s sake, I am a damned anthropologist and had no clue about this! To the author: thank you for bringing this issue.

  15. I really want to go back to your site to read your story, see more, but very carefully photographs. . . . . .

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