When Opportunity knocked #WillYouShave


It had been 30 days since he first came to a new world.It was his most cherished dream. He was in his dream college.The hard work which he had done for years had finally helped him land in his dream college.It was the leading engineering college of the country.

Past 30 days had been like a roller coaster ride. It was just like a honeymoon which was about to reach its climax tonight.Today was a special day.

For the past 30 days, Rahul had visited almost all the rooms in the hostel . He would be made to dance, sing, cry, mimick, shout,abuse non stop in one breath , do push ups  and what not. It was termed as ragging in external world but he enjoyed every bit of it. His seniors had been too friendly to him. He was never abused, infact after every “ragging” session , seniors would pamper and guide him. Most of the seniors had become good friends to him.Owing to his dancing, singing and mimicking skills he was encouraged to nominate and participate in Mr.Fresher competition.

Today was the fresher’s party.All the nominees would come to stage and show their performance. After series of rounds, Rahul was in top 10 finalists. Rahul’s  dance performance won everybody’s heart and here he was in final 5 candidates.

Rahul was never so nervous in life as he was now. It was his chance to win the most coveted crown among the freshers and live the fame for next 4 years. It was also the best opportunity to impress the chicks in  his batch.

Then came the final round – “The question & answer round ” where the judges would ask questions to the contestants.

Judge 1: “So Mr Rahul, you sang well , did a good skit and your dance blew our mind . You are talented no doubt but can you tell me why you didn’t shave ?”

Rahul , who had answer to every damn thing in the world from Physics,Chemistry ,Maths, Politics etc. was dumbstruck to hear this question . He had never anticipated such a question in his wildest of dreams. Before he could even frame an answer in his mind , the hooting from the crowd started. He knew he did a big time blunder. He became more nervous and could not speak. The opportunity was lost to get the crown. It was not because of his lack of talent but because he didn’t bother to shave on such an important occasion.

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