10 Secluded Tourist Destinations of Uttarakhand That Will Awe You

In the recent years, the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have become quite popular among Indians and foreign tourists, in search of top hill stations to visit in the entire country. In Uttarakhand, duns of Dehra, Nainital and Jim Corbett Park are visited by many people from all across the world. As a result, these places are experiencing crowding and unable to handle so many tourists.


When we visit hill stations, we are looking for some picturesque locations, calm and quiet environment surrounded with evergreen coniferous mountains and lofty peaks. So, let us today look at some of the secluded tourist destinations of Uttarakhand that will simply awe you, away from the conventional crowded hill

  1. Chaukori

Photo by Abhijit Kar Gupta, CC BY 2.0

Chaukori is a tiny, secluded and beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand, located at a height of 2000 meters in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. The hill station is sandwiched between high peaks of western Himalayas and the Kumaon. Tibet lies to the North of Chaukori, while Terai region is to the south of this hill station. The hill station is in close proximity to the Indo-Nepal border. Mahakali River marks the eastern boundary. It provides travelers with mesmerizing views of Panchchuli, Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot mountains. Berinag is another hill station close to Chaukori. It is a significant place of Hindu worship with temples like Kedar, Ulka, Kamaksha, Mostamanu dotting the place. You can reach Chaukori by the nearest railway station of Kathgodam, which is 214km away.

  1. Munsyari

Photo by solarshakti, CC BY 2.0


This place was previously restricted as it lies in close proximity to the borders of Nepal and China. This place has been opened recently, meaning it is secluded and peaceful. It provides chance to view marvelous birds like Raven, Himalayan Griffon, Monal, Wagtail and Serpent Eagle. It is home to various varieties of Pine, Rhodendron and Deodar forests. A hub for adventure sports is developing to provide wonderful trekking opportunities to the tourists who visit Munsiyari.

  1. Binsar

Photo by sporadic, CC BY-ND 2.0


It is a location in the middle of an entire wildlife sanctuary at elevation of 2,400m. It is slightly cut off and offers view of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Kedarnath and Chaukhambha mountains. It has famous stories and legends of gods and offers some of the best homestays in the Himalayan region. People can enjoy sightseeing, trekking and clicking pictures here. One can take safaris to the wildlife sanctuary. The best time to visit Binsar is in October and November. The nearest railway station Kathgodam is 110km from here.


  1. Chakrata

Tiger waterfall, Photo by Harish Rao, CC BY 2.0


It is one of the few places which can be visited all throughout the year. Tiger waterfall and Budher caves allow the travelers to explore caves and appreciate the peaceful atmosphere. One can see small sized houses and chirping birds in the vicinity which makes one feels blessed to be present here. One can reach here via Dehradun station and then by traveling for 2 hours by road.


  1. Lansdowne

Bhullar lake, Photo by Sudhanshusinghs4321, CC BY-SA 4.0


The cantonment town of Lansdowne was developed under the British rule and named after Lord Lansdowne, the Viceroy of India. The place is one of the quietest places of the state and one can visit Lansdowne from April to June. Reaching here is made possible by the nearest railway station of Kotdwar and covering the rest of the journey by road. When here, enjoy lavish walks to discover the British artifacts and to view the museums.


  1. Valley of Flowers

Photo by Alosh Bennett, CC BY 2.0


Valley of Flowers near Hemkund Sahib comes to life in the month of July when the snow melts and flowers bloom. It is home to the blue poppy, Bhramakamal (a medicinal plant) and to a variety of flowers. As a result, it is a paradise for tourists and a dream place to explore for the botanists. Rishikesh is the nearest railway station and Jolly Grant Airport is 150 km away. A visit to Valley of Flowers will render your mind, body and soul with freshness and ecstasy.


  1. Khirsu

Photo by sporadic, CC BY-ND 2.0


Khirsu is 1700m above sea level and lies in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. It is a remote and relatively hidden destination, providing stunning views of Himalayas. It has numerous Deodar, Oak and apple trees. Unexpectedly, you can get comfortable accommodation at very affordable prices.


  1. Karthikeya Swamy

It is a temple dedicated to the eldest son of Lord Shiva, Karthikeya. It is located in the district of Rudraprayag, among the beautiful Garhwali Himalayas. The temple is located on a narrow ridge at an elevation of 3050 meters and offers all round view of the Himalayas. A naturally carved statue of Lord Karthikeya is inside the temple. A visit here is spiritually fulfilling.


  1. Patal Bhuvaneshwar

Photo by Lalitgupta isgec, CC BY-SA 4.0


These are natural caves made up of sedimentary rocks of limestone. It is located in the Pithoragarh district of the state and legend has it that the state is home to Lord Shiva and 33 crore other Gods. The caves are famous for the stalagmite and stalactite structures which are painted in beautiful colors. The place is secluded and an experience here is mesmerizing and surreal.


  1. Gwaldam

Roopkund, Photo by T Sundup, CC BY 2.0


Located at the elevation of 2000 meters, Gwaldam is 20 km from Bajinath. The trekking trail from here leads to Kuari Pass, Roop Kund and Nanda Devi Raj Jat. The place has Badhangari, Gwaldam Naag and Angyari Mahadev temples as some of the important devotional spots. The village of Atal Adarsh Gra is filled with objects of British Memorabilia. The place is rich in natural vegetation also.


So, a visit to these places will guarantee you a calm, serene and blissful atmosphere. Visit these locations if you are a creative person seeking motivation or a group of people in love with nature’s gifts.


Author’s Bio:

Rohit is a person who loves new experiences and travels a lot. His experiences of new places are varied. He appreciates cuisine, ambience and music of all the new places he travels to. To view more stories from the author, please visit TransIndiaTravels.com

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Top 6 Luxurious Travel Destinations in India worth Your Money



The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort Ambassador Villa, Photo by costanavarino, CC BY-ND 2.0


One of the most important aspects of travelling is comfort and contentment. While we always travel with the best of plans and in the best of budget, but between travel and sightseeing we often forget to be at peace. We spend the whole day trying to cover the “must-visit-places” and ticking off the “must-do” bucket list. Although that sounds like a very enriching experience, but once in a while it’s good to be in just one place, relax and let the Mother Nature heal your tiresome soul. We have discovered some one-of-its-kind luxury destinations for you, which may go out of your budget but they are worth every penny . So soak yourself in the splendour and break out of monotony.

Tree house, Wayanad (Kerala)  

Kerala, Photo by Vinoth Chandar, CC BY 2.0

How about waking up in the lap of nature, with a majestic view of sun rising amidst the clouds, shining bright just out of your window? Sounds like the magazine cover of a luxury penthouse? Well, then you must visit these amazing tree top houses in Wayanad. Built at a height of 10 feet from the ground, the tree house has richness of nature’s best essence. With no compromise on comfort or style, these houses promise a mesmerizing    experience.

The Khyber Himalayan resort, Gulmarg (Kashmir) Gulmarg, Photo by Skywayman9, CC BY-SA 3.0

The luxury vested in the mountains of Kashmir, adds a cherry on the cake.The Khyber Himalayan resort is like a gem in the lap of nature and offers a spectacular view from each corner. The snow-capped mountains, the lush green pine and deodar trees will take you into a mystical world. So let the world pamper you while you sit back and relax in the magical aura and drink the Kehwa to soothe your soul.

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur (Rajasthan)  

Photo by McKay Savage, CC BY 2.0

The palace is located on the banks of Udaipur’s most beautiful attraction- Pichola lake. The luxury blends with the history of Mewar’s kingdom and creates a mystic ambience and you will find yourself living life, king-size! Go for a shikara ride or stay inside for a private romantic dinner by the lake side. Either way, you are bound to feel that extraordinary tranquillity which will stay with you for a long time.

Beach resort, Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu)  

Photo (cropped) by Niran V V, CC BY 2.0

The famous South Indian town, known for its beautiful beaches and rock cut temples is an iconic treat for eyes. One night stay at the beach side resorts will be a fascinating experience. The resorts are built around beautiful landscapes like shore temple and in the night the mesmerizing beauty of beach will invite you for a walk under the moonlit sky. A unique experience for sure!

Neemrana fort, Delhi-Jaipur Highway (Rajasthan)  

Photo by Archit Ratan, CC BY 2.0

This fort which has been converted into a resort possesses a spectacular grandeur and a vibrant feast to the eyes. Built in the 15th century, this fort has many rooms which have been given unique names like ‘Uma vilas’, ‘Hara Mahal’, ‘Francisi Mahal’, each having a different decor and style. Also try out zip lining, which is an adventure sport to keep you engrossed.

House boat, Alleppey (Kerala)  

Photo by Sarath Kuchi, CC BY-SA 2.0

You can also indulge in sightseeing of migratory birds while the pilot steers you through the waters. Later, gorge over the local Kerala cuisines cooked by the boat-men! This experience will last longer in your heart than in your memories.

House boat in Alleppey is the best choice for those who are looking for a blissful seclusion from the hustle-bustle of city life. Traversing the backwaters of Kerala on a private ride, between the lagoons and lakes and exploring the rich flora and fauna, is definitely a rejuvenating experience.

The opulence and grandeur of these destinations is once is a lifetime experience and no matter which type of traveler you are, you must slow down once in a while and treat yourself with the love the nature has bestowed upon you. The experience is worth every money that you spend.


Author Bio:

Experience nature and its bountiful beauty is something that takes Rohit to a world of destinations. He loves to travel and thus pens down stories for enthusiastic readers who can experience the same as he does at Trans India Travels.


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Rise of online gaming and impact on economy

Man is a social animal who has always emphasised for innovative thinking, growth and social well-being. On the one hand he is devoted fully in working hard for the advancement of society & human civilisation and on the other hand what makes him different from other species is that he is a social animal; who loves socialising, indulging in leisure activities, following his passion & pursuing his hobbies.

There are very few things which motivates and encourages a person. But most important ones from the huge list are Sports, adventure, money, success, name & fame. Be it a child, teenage, an adult or an old person, despite of varying age groups one thing which is common in all these persons is that almost everyone loves game and rewards associated with them. Winning a game gives an immense feeling of happiness, fulfillment & sense of achievement. Even losing at times gives the required satisfaction level that one played well using one’s tactics, strength, game plan and power.

There are various games in public domain which has been loved & enjoyed by people since ages and have evolved over the period of time keeping up with social trends and human tastes. The appetite for adventure and fun in a human being keeps on growing with passage of time. One of the most interesting games is casino where a person with right aptitude, skill, sharpness of mind and little stroke of luck can make a fortune for himself. This hobby has different variants in each society, culture and country.

With advancement of technology even a laptop and smart phone with internet connection has brought any remote thing in the world at our fingertips. We don’t need to be physically present in a playground, country or a casino to enjoy & have fun. With a click of a mouse a person can enjoy online gaming sitting on couch in the comfort of his home. But only safe, secure and advanced sites like these are trustworthy enough to enjoy the wonderful experiences of online gaming.

There are various benefit of online gaming:

  • Adhering to law & regulations: Since online gaming sites are registered and follow law of land there are no chances of non-compliance of law of land.
  • Contribution to economy through taxes:  Online gaming sites pay one of the highest taxes to the government, thus it directly contributes to economic growth.
  • Help in job creation: Online gaming portals provide employment opportunities to lot of people directly and indirectly. To run these sites hundreds of IT professionals, graphic designers, accountants, admin folks etc. are required to develop and maintain these sites. It thus provides the much needed fillip to economic growth of a country.
  • Attracting tourist to a country: Online casinos also help in attracting tourists to a country thus adding to the tourism, travel & transportation industry. Not to forget about the local tourism which benefits the most.
  • Brand ambassador for a country: Any popular game has the potential to bring not only money but name & fame to the country; thus acting as a brand ambassador.
  • Helps bring foreign money in a country: Needles to say, success of online gaming attracts people across globe thus increasing splurge in forex in the country which provides the country the much required cushion to the economy.
  • Improves public finances: The taxes paid via these gaming portals helps in improving the public finances which  can be used for various social causes and public expenditure without putting additional burden on taxpayers who would have been otherwise required to pay taxes to bear social expenses.
  • Use state of art technology which spurs IT innovation and boost gaming industry.
  • People who had hesitation or felt uncomfortable visiting casinos can play from their homes any time , anywhere remaining anonymous. Thus maintaining their privacy.
  • Helps mingle with people of different culture, taste & countries thus encouraging Diversity.
  • These sites often provide free or dummy games so that people can play and then invest their actual money, instead of losing money without even knowing how to play games.
  • Playing online also provides safety & security from the risk of carrying cash to any physical casinos.
  • Chances of being duped or cheated is very low since all the digital transactions can be easily tracked and investigated in case of any suspicion.
  • Many casinos provide loyalty points which is an added advantage.
  • Ease of making payments since lot of options are available like – credit card, paypal, debit card etc.
  • There are hundreds of games available to choose from thus a person is spoilt of choice.
  • Responsible gaming:  A person playing online has less chances of getting addicted since most of the online gaming also encourage responsible gaming.

Thus you can see online gaming as emerged as one of the most prominent mode of entertainment which is contributing to economic growth. It has huge potential which is still underutilised due to various misconceptions being spread in the society.

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Benefits of Demonetization & cashless economy for Poor

Ever since #Demonetization was announced on Nov 8th , there has been lot of hue & cry  from different sections of  the society. People who never bothered about the well being of poor, farmers & the downtrodden have become their messiah overnight and have been wailing &  beating their chests at top of their voice ,  as if someone in their families have died.  Well , let me clarify that I  am not generalizing all the people in our country but the corrupt politicians, businessman, tax evaders, terrorists, Maoists and Modi haters who actually have been hurt hard due to demonetization but cannot their agony in open. As a  result the best excuse to go after this decision , Modi government and Indians who are supporting this step is to raise & hide behind  the suffering of the poor people.

I am not raising objections against all those people who have genuine concerns and feelings for the poor, especially daily wage laborers, small farmers ,  etc. who have been hit hard by this move. I too understand the pain & challenges of poor and have deep sympathies for the families who lost their near and dear ones due to demonetization ( Still an open topic for discussion ).

But with due respect I would like to disagree with all such people who are arguing that poor will be adversely affected by this move. In my opinion this particular move will be beneficial to this particular section of the society. Here are the reasons why :

  • Economic Inclusion:   No doubt, India is the  fastest growing economy in the world and have made tremendous progress over the years, there has been greater urban-poor divide. On one hand sizeable portion of population has moved in the middle and upper middle class, considerable section of society still lives below poverty line. These include laborers , farmers etc. who need to be brought in the formal sector of economy. These people may be poor & illiterate but they are not stupid enough to understand the benefits of being part of formal economy. Instead of waiting for the perfect day & perfect condition ( which will never happen ) , demonetization & subsequent step of government  to go cashless are bold steps which will leapfrog & align them to this growth trajectory.
  • Reduce impact of corruption : The poor has always been the victim of corruption. And he has been deliberately kept poor & illiterate so that he can be continued to be exploited as fodder for votes and milk the system in his name. What we are failing to understand is; the more we go for digital transactions , bringing poor in the banking system, encouraging cashless transactions, the more we are plugging the loopholes in the system which allows corruption to spread its root.
  • More social welfare schemes for poor : Reduction or parallel economy and increase of cashless transactions will help in  reducing the tax evaders and hence result in swelling of revenue coffers of the government. This money in turn can be used to spend on social welfare schemes like rural healthcare , education, electricity, roads etc. Ultimately it will benefit the poor for whom we are so concerned about. It’s win-win situation for both economy and the poor.
  • Reduce exploitation : Most of us must have seen that wherever payments and wages are paid in cash, people are being exploited. Even though minimum wages have been declared by government, people are made to sign on X amount but paid Y amount, where Y <X .When the owners will be asked to pay their workers through banks , they will have to abide by the rules of minimum wages , PF account etc. Also there will be digital trail to track the  actual earnings of such businessmen, thus tax evasion will be much difficult. Again there will be counter question that people will be asked to part with their earnings to their owners in cash once they are paid in full. But again the probability of doing so will not be as high as it is now.
  • Technology as an enabler : Remember the time when we had to wait for years to get a landline telephone in our homes ? No one thought this would change but with advent of mobile phones and the reduction in tariffs it changed the picture of society. What are was termed as privilege of rich has become just another item in the hands of even a rickshaw puller. The impact &  change is evident in the society. Similar kind of revolution is what I foresee now in terms of UPI, USSD, netbanking, Aadhar based transaction, mobile wallets, Paytm etc..Technology has the power to change our lives and believe me , technology will play a major role in elevating poor from their current situation.
  • Cheap loans : Being denied access to banking  system, it’s the poor who have to rely on sahukaars for loan who charge them interest ranging from 50%-100% p.a. Though there are several schemes of government to provide collateral free loans to poor but increase in tax revenue will help govt. to provide loans at much reduced rate of interest. Again its the poor who will be benefitted.
  • Security & convenience : The poor without banks have to keep money insecurely with them in their house which is prone to being stolen and also is dead money since it doesn’t fetch them interest. Having bank accounts will help them manage their money well and securely and also money in circulation is good for economy and banks.
  • Social Independence : It will provide financial and social independence to the poor & needy ; especially women who have to rely on males for financial planning  & help. eg: my maid in Noida used to earn but it was her husband who spent money, major part going for his drinking habits.
  • DBT ( Direct Benefit Transfer ) : The money provided in the schemes like MNREGA and other subsidies can be directly credited in the bank accounts of poor & farmers. This will also help reduce pilferage and reduce corruption where earlier money was directed to few corrupts whereas the deserving poor didn’t even get the minimum wages.
  • Windfall gain for poor : We all know that bank accounts of poor has been used to launder money of the rich. I agree it’s illegal but the poor has been paid commission for doing so. So in a way, it’s a windfall gain for the poor and has resulted in redistribution of wealth from rich to poor.

Let’s not deny the fact that in the short run there will be some amount of pain & suffering for  the poor but in the long run they will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the  move. And all those who are crying hoarse for the suffering of poor should ask themselves – Haven’t these people suffered the most for past 70 years  ? Do you want them to continue to suffer them for next 70 yrs more or make them suffer for next few months which will eventually turn things in their favor in coming months and days. So instead of cribbing day & night, let’s try to help these people in adopting technology in their day to day life.

One saint  ( popularly known as Mauni Baba)  has rightfully saidIn the long run we all are deadbut before dying don’t you want to leave a legacy for coming generations which they can be proud  of ?




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Day 30 of Demonetization : Game changing announcements to incentivize digital payments

After the historic announcement of #Demonetization on 8th Nov , India witnessed an unprecedented shift in its behavior and attitude towards handling money. Though going cashless was the only option left in wake of less availability of cash in hand, people showed greater enthusiasm and maturity in adopting the big digital push.

What could not have been achieved in years of awareness campaign suddenly saw the light of the day and there was a gradual but positive shift in the habits of people. While we can still debate if the option of going  for cashless transactions was forced on people but there is no denying of the fact that digital transactions have immense benefit for economy and thus for growth – the biggest agenda of Modi government. We all have been raising questions that while people are opting for cashless transactions in current situation but what happens after 30 Dec when sizable amount of money would have been pumped into the system ? Will people still opt for cashless means  ? Won’t people revert back in their older habits of cash transactions ?

To answer all such questions and making sure that going cashless not only provides ease for people but also provides incentives , Arun Jaitley made some major announcements today. In my opinion these  measures will give major boost to those who continue and adopt digital transactions. These measures were long due to incentivize people who wanted to opt for cashless transactions but the system was  against them- both in terms of infrastructure , economics and also in the attitude of people.


Below are the key announcements done :

  • For those using cards and e-wallets, Petrol and Diesel purchases will now attract a 0.75% discount.

  • The government will provide 2 POS or Point of Sale machines for free to each village that has a population of over 8,000.

  • Railways to give 5% discount on catering, retiring room on payment by digital mode
  • All railway passengers who buy tickets online get free accident insurance cover worth Rs 10 lakh

  •  Monthly and seasonal tickets for suburban railways to offer 0.5% disc on digital payments

  • Insurance bought online from customer portal of public sector companies will get 8% discount for life & 10% for general insurance
  • Public Sector Banks will ensure that merchants don’t need to pay more than Rs. 100 per month as monthly rental for PoS terminals

  • Digital transactions of up to Rs 2,000 will be exempted from service tax
  •  Highway toll will see 10% discount on digital payments
  • NABARD will give Rupay card to people who have Kisan Credit Card




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My journey from being AAPtard to being Bhakt



All those who are close to me and know personally, have been well aware about my political leanings, my thoughts about India, its political system and other ill-will surrounding us. They may disagree with me on various views but I am confident that they would agree on one point that I wish for a better India, a developed nation, a country which we all can be proud of.

Not so long ago, there was anti incumbency wave in India against corruption and political outfit which had been ruling India for several decades. People were fed of hearing about scams being  exposed on a daily basis during UPA regime. The people of this nation had literally given up their hopes that things could ever change. The anticorruption crusade started by Anna Hazare had taken the entire nation by surprise and a hope arose in the minds of people that even a common man has the potential to challenge and change this system. With huge frustration, sympathy wave and an indomitable will to fight & change the system, common man  hit the streets of the country. There were dharnas, demonstrations, peaceful protests , candle light march, hunger strikes and all of a sudden the air in the country was of more like the movie Rang de Basanti where a generation would awaken from their  deep slumber of ignorance.

Indians dreamt of  a nation which was corruption free, where there was no poor & hungry , where rules were followed, where there was no black money  and honesty prevailed , in other words  “ Ram Rajya “ would prevail. With these thoughts in mind, people moved out from the comforts of the home and hit the streets. It was termed as second freedom struggle. I too went to Jantar Mantar, India gate, Ramleela maidan, fighting for Janlokpal along with fellow Indians (read here )

But I never realized ,  how smartly this crusade was hijacked by Kejriwal &  team . Things took a different track when it was decided to form a political party to take on the ruling dispensation. Blinded by faith , I supported the party that was formed, even though some of the members were against this decision. I continued to support him and his party and even campaigned, donated and convinced most of my friends, colleague  &  people known to me to vote for AAP. I did all this with single hope in my mind that AAP would bring fresh lease of life in political system of this nation. They  would be the party with a difference and will show the idealism which we all had hoped for. The brute majority given to AAP in Delhi elections were a proof that people wanted to give chance and an opportunity for a welcome change, to try and experiment something new which might change the political landscape and future of this nation. There were huge promises made before election and the junta waited patiently  to see how those would  be fulfilled. But with the passage of time, the dream was shattered bit by bit and the reality dawned to us. Kejriwal & his ministers forgot they are in power and no more activists to do dharnas, instead need to  work as per the existing system using the state machinery to deliver the promises made to the people. After all , this is how the framework of the constitution has been defined and working since decades. What started as Modi bashing crossed all the limits. In politics you can fool a person once, even twice but not always. One can be anti-Modi but if you get so obsessed with hating him that you become anti-national then fingers will be raised and your intentions would be exposed. This is what exactly happened.

In 2015  when AAP was elected to power in Delhi I lacked trust in any of the existing parties; be it congress ,  BJP, SP, BSP , TMC etc. As a result when NDA won the elections in 2014 and Modi was elected as PM I did not have much faith in him too, in fact I was very skeptical about him. My opinion was mostly affected due to our biased Main Stream Media  which went overboard in doing biased  negative publicity of Modi for 2002 Godhra riots without giving him the  appreciation of  developing  Gujarat as the most prosperous state, which he deserved. I was politically immature to understand that it was only one riot under him whereas Congress had a history of riots under their reign but could influence the public perception since they had media in their pockets. People close to me tried to show me the true picture but as a  so called “AAPtard” I refused to buzz and at the most I would say “I will wait and watch how Modi performs as PM of this country”.

Since I have deep interest in the politics of the nation, I kept track of the work of both these leaders -Modi & Kejriwal. As time passed, I realized& understood  that Modi is a man of vision. He has grand plans for this nation; he is devoted to the core and extremely hard working. He is an able administrator and knows  perfectly how to utilize his  existing resources , people &  system to get the work done ( just like how we execute any project in IT with existing resources and team ). he has been working tirelessly to fix &  bring into shape the otherwise rotten & broken system.( I would not mention the various schemes, policies & its success here since its available in public domain ).

Whereas Kejriwal was always cribbing and playing blame game instead of focusing on work to be done. Initially I tried to defend and justify all the actions of Kejriwal, later I kept quiet with grim mood but finally when I saw his views for Modi’s for surgical strike & demonetization I lost the remaining sympathy for him. Agenda of Modi has been pro development and I am really impressed by the usage of technology, transparency & accountability in his governance model. He did not even shy away from taking tough decisions- be  it doing surgical strike on Pakistan or replying  to Supreme court on the issue of triple talak. Not only has  Modi improved the image of India across the globe , but he has awakened the feeling  of nationalism in Indians which was brutally punctured.

There comes  defining moments in the history  where  one decision by the government affects  generations to come by  and it came on 8th Nov 2016, when  Demonetization was declared by none other than Narendara Modi. This move has stumped me and has won my heart. I have never seen or heard any politician so brave to take this kind of decision knowing very well that it has the potential to backfire politically if common people don’t understand the intent of this step. This bold act of him   has made it very clear that he can go to any extent for the bright future of this country.

All these actions of Modi in past 2 years have  impressed me from the core and I never realized how I became true nationalist, the term which is commonly used by opposition parties as “bhakt” . If being a nationalist , thinking about welfare of the country, working for upliftment of poor and downtrodden, reducing corruption is called as  being “Bhakt” then I am proud to be called so. I hope that people understand the long term impact of this decisive move of Modi and how the coming generations will benefit from this act.

Till that time I will continue to be a supporter for good actions of the government and a critic for the things it does wrong. Being labeled as “Bhakt” for such thought is not bad, isn’t it  ?






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Demonetization of rupee : Political & economical masterstroke or a blunder ?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement on 8th November that rs500 & rs1000 denomination notes will cease to be legal tender has stumped the nation and has been the center of debate across the political & social circles. The initial response to the decision came as a  welcome delight to most of the honest taxpayers & the common masses but took the political class & the corrupt by surprise.

All of a sudden the tables seemed to have been turned and it seemed to be an excellent but very bold decision. The social networking sites , newspapers and other platforms were filled with shock ,awe and praise for Modi’s “surgical strike” on the menace of black money.In his address to the nation, Modi himself had warned that this decision will cause inconvenience to the public for the short term but it is benficial and required for the long term gain for the nation as such. There is not doubt about his intentions and being part of the system we all knew how difficult & brave this decision was,  to take headon with a framework where corrupt & powerful had become nothing short of Frankenstein monster. The situation in Indian society has become so grim that corrupts have  got social acceptance  and honest & poor were looked down upon. Needless to say this strata of society has been feeling cheated and let down by the system.

But as the days passed , there seems to be more chaos than it was initially anticipated. There are lot of factors which has resulted in creating panic in the minds of people but I would like to mention here  the role of opposition parties and main stream media ( often termed as MSM). It is notable to see that MSM has been loosing credibility all across the globe. The most recent example is election coverage of US, where MSM had crossed all limits of negativity and inclination in favor of Hillary Clinton and shamelessly announced her the winner without even waiting for the final mandate of people. The final result was entirely contrary to what they have been projecting for long. It’s not a rocket science to understand that social media played a major role  in echoing , revealing and channelizing the real voice of the people.

Something similar is happening in India too. Ever since coming to power , Modi has been taking various steps to disrupt & fix the broken system , thus affecting media houses which had become more as dallals rather than independent press. Media had played a major role in projecting Modi as a massacre of 2002 riots , neglecting his other major achievements as CM , leader, statesman and a man of action. Though it was expected ,but what makes me upset is when the so called fourth pillar of democracy doesn’t rise to the occasion.

Demonetization is a major reform taken by the government and any reasonable and sensible media house would have covered this entire operation in a positive manner to help it become a success.

Ever since the announcement, the  opposition parties are in tatters  and behaving like headless chickens , still coming to terms how to respond to this step. They are concerned about their truckloads of ill gotten wealth which they had accumulated over the years after looting this nation. Within 4 hours it was reduced to junk and their anger was obvious to Modi’s decision. To hide their frustration they are trying to raise concern of common man which they had never cared of otherwise. Suddenly they have become messiahs of poor & needy.

I agree there is genuine problem of people, but instead of playing constructive role in helping out the needy, these political parties with hand in gloves with MSM are spreading panic and rumor amongst people. One of them even went to the extent of saying that there may be a law & order problem if this scheme is not rolled back. Was he threating to create riots ? This attitude of politicians and MSM are bigger threat to this nation than ISIS or Pakistan. As a common man , the least I expect them is help people tide over this crisis instead of trying to milk out the situation for their political gains at the cost of nation.

All I have to say is that there is no doubt on the intent of the government to curb black money, fake currency and militant funding but hindrance in execution due to the above two reasons is causing more chaos. No doubt this move will give the required boost to the Indian economy but only time will tell if this was masterstroke of Modi government or a political hara-kiri.


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