Friends forever


It had been 15 long years since they had passed out from their school. But the memories of their school days and their childhood was still fresh. They cherished the moments which they had spent together , both in the school campus and in their homes.

But after the school they had just seem to have lost into the mad rat race of being “successful ” in their lives. Some tried being engineer, doctor, sportsman etc. Everybody wanted to get a well paid job , 6 digit salary, a beautiful house and well settled with their family members. Most of them had succeeded in getting it too but somewhere in their heart and soul there was a vacuum. A void, which longed for their school friends, the happy times they had spent together, the closeness which they had always missed in their lives.

Thanks to technology and social networking sites like orkut, facebook, whatsapp etc. they were kind of connected online but were missing the emotional touch which they otherwise so craved about. They were in different locations of the world , settled or working for a MNC .

In one of the late night whatsapp conversations they were having, Rakesh sent a message

“Hey guys , why don’t  we meet somewhere ?”

“Where can we meet yaar  ? We are in different locations of the world ” wrote Deepak.

” We also have a family and kids to take care of  “, said Saurabh.

“Hmmmmm.. that’s a challenge ” …

” Hey, I have an idea , Why don’t we bring along our families for get together ? “, said Rakesh.

“Well, that’s a fantastic idea, but where should we meet ? ” Saurabh said.

” It has to be a place where our families and kids can enjoy along with us ” said Nanpara, who was just a silent listener in the group.

” Hey guys, what about Disney Land in Orlando ? ” said Akshay.

“Wowww… “

” Clap , clap … “

“What an idea sirji 🙂 ” All of a sudden excited messages started flooding the group.

” When will be the best time to go there ? ” Asked Nanpara.

“Well keeping in mind that we all are working in different countries and our kids are also going to school, we need to plan for a time when we all have holidays and can also get leaves without affecting much to work and studies..” wrote Rakesh.

“How about Christmas and year end holidays  ? ” Wrote Deepak.

“That works for me 🙂 “

“me too “

” I am in “

” I am game  “

Soon everybody agreed about the dates.

“Let me check  the international flight options available for all of us ” said Rakesh. He started browsing the yatra portal for international flights options for everyone. After some research he sent mails to each person in the group.

“Hey guys I have sent you flight options for you . Please check your mailbox” wrote Rakesh.

” Nanpara, you wanted to do shopping in Dubai , right ? I have sent you flight option for that also . Kindly check

“I have also sent you links about hotel options to stay in Orlando. We all will be staying in the same hotel. There is bus transport service which will provide pick and drop services to theme parks. ” Rakesh.

“Let me book tickets for 5 day visit to theme park, one day for each park “

“So guys , the plan is set. We all will be reaching to Orlando on 23 December, and will meet in the hotel. From next day we will visit the Disney land for 5 days. After that we will take road trip to Miami, see the sunset at Keywest and after celebrating the new year together will head back to our respective homes ” Wrote Rakesh with excitement.

“Yayyyyyy, we are finally meeting ” There was too much of excitement in the group.

All the friends are super excited about the trip and are now looking forward to meet and have a gala time together.


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abof coupons will change the you shop online


Technology has changed our lives by leaps and bounds. What used to consume lot of effort , time and money yesterday can be done today with a simple click of mouse.

With penetration of smart phones, PDA etc. online shopping has reached a new high. Sitting in comfort of your home , office , or on the fly while you are travelling, one can easily shop.

There are various kinds of ecommerce websites which offer various brands and discounts. How often you have wished that you get discount over and above what is being currently offered by these websites.

It also takes lot of pain to search for best offers spread across the internet on these many sites. Sometimes you get a good deal but most of the times you end up buying a stuff , later to realize that a better deal was available on some other website. Most of the times you don’t want to compromise with the quality of product but end up paying a huge amount in return of this.  But it is your hard earned money which should not spent away like anything. You deserve value of your single penny spent.

This is where  comes to your rescue. has great deals that helps in getting the best offers of highest quality products for lowest prices !! Exciting isn’t it ?

It  is one of the latest online shopping portals from to get  the trendiest and most fashionable men’s and women’s garments as well as accessories. There are variety of styles to choose from at eye popping prices.

You may heck out stylish costumes and accessories at for adding glamour to your looks and appearance.

As an integral part of marketing strategy, offers lucrative deals and discounts on various products from time to time. So get hold of abof coupons to earn attractive discounts on items . Using abof coupon codes you can use to purchase and reduce the final amount by a huge margin. Not only this specific brands also offer special discounts and rates from time to time. There are special deals running on specific debit & credit cards at regular intervals.

The discounts doesn’t end here. New customers get Rs300/- off if goods over Rs 1095/- are bought .But one has to use abof promo codes to avail this offer. The details about the deals & discounts are available on the main website of the shopping portal as well as third party websites which has coupon codes and voucher codes for different online shopping portals. Clearance sale offers with 60% off on products is also available.

abof is run by Aditya Birla Group  and is considered as a one stop fashion destination for people who are crazy about online shopping. The site offers various items are attractive prizes.

So why pay more when you get the highest quality product from your favorite brands at great discounts ! All discount offers from them are guaranteed. So what are you waiting for  ? Go ahead and try abof

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Zoosk Promo Code Helps Finding A Partner For Life

Zoosk Coupons

Here’s a tip how to find something similar as the Zoosk promo code: The search for a partner can be quite difficult. Especially if you don’t have the time or opportunity to meet with people often. Online dating is an alternative and it’s not only quite common to find couples who have met online for the first time, it’s also very convenient. Dating a girl or dating a man meant not so long ago to court that person for some time, just exchanging nice words and flirting first, and then to possibly invite him or her and go out for a movie and dinner later. Even then you don’t know much about your potential future spouse or man… The whole process was (and still is) costly and very time consuming.

Zoosk Dating

The modern variation of this process is now to find a person with online dating that has the charcteristics you are looking for and who shares your values and likes. Online dating platforms are common and one of the most popular ones is the Zoosk dating site. Millions of potential partners for life in many countries are waiting online to be contacted and to be matched by the dating algorythms that drive the site.

Zoosk Free

Now you certainly ask yourself “Is Zoosk free?” You can join Zoosk dating for free, to get a Zoosk login you only need to enter your data without it costing you anything. The only downside is that to be able to contact others yourself or to answer to contacts you need to become a full member. Zoosk coupons or a Zoosk promo code are difficult to find online, often there is not a single one to be found.

Recently I came across a few tips how to avoid the sign up fee and get the Zoosk registration fee waived. Click the link above, it’s like a Zoosk promo code!

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High-resolution home printing made easy by HomePoster at Etsy

Your home says a lot about you!
On you can find a lot of high quality do it yourself home prints. They have a huge range of different kinds of interior wall décor styles. Find a wide range of interior wall decoration on this page, just to mention a “few”: Baby cheetah, white tiger, and lion posters. Animal prints, Baby and Nursery illustrations, Typography & Motivational love Quotes, Geometric Design. Fashion, retro & vintage.


Our Inspirational poster will lighten up any space and make you feel at home. Living room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen. Printable posters & Love Quotes with a simple monochrome touch is easy to print at home. Make it your own do it yourself project to make great wall Art. Letter, number and text posters, can easily be printed out from home because they are usually in black and white. Print Typography, Minimal poste, Inspirational Quotes with our easy DIY digital prints.

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Profession Astrology

Their place, in the space system affects the life events of a person. In estimating the life events of a person, the astrologers, using assistance from their knowledge, helps.


The astrology continues to be in use. Before also, while determining their future course, the primeval rulers and kings used to take assistance from the astrologers.


The professionals that are offering these services can be simply found by one. Using their support, you can simply pick the livelihood that is higher as good additionally get success in the enterprises. Using their guidance, you will get the relaxation of your lifetime & the well-being, delight.


According to the doctrine of the ancient science, the place of the stars during the time of the arrival of a person has an excellent effect on the bundles. The stars determine weakness, the strength and different personal characteristics of a person. The sun, the planets along with the moon have great influence on the private features.


One type of the historical science is profession astrology. In this, advice is provided by the astrologers about what profession will suit according to your character characteristics. The features of the person differ to a larger extent. Thus, utilizing the place of heavenly bodies and the stars, planets, the astrologers propose what profession is going to not be bootless for a person.


There are various specialists that are offering profession astrology services. These professionals together with assistance from abilities, their knowledge and internal instinct help their profession to be chosen by the individuals. In addition they lead individuals when to begin some new endeavor. They comprehend the messages shared by the movement of stars and the planets. Using their comprehension, they offer advice that they will be helped by beginning a new endeavor or supply them profitable result as time goes on or not.


There isn’t any scientific proof in regards to the credibility of the science, yet there’s no denying of the science. If you need to be aware of the internal strength of your lifetime and are confused, you then can take the help of the specialists that are offering profession astrology services. Their guidance will surely bring success and well-being in your lifetime.

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MobileGo from Wondershare is range of a pair of products. The primary, the MobileGo app for google android, is truly the appliance cleaning up and optimization software with group associated with functions that will help let speed up and boost every mobile’ results. The second is your companion app about each Personal Computer who offers slew concerning specifications as well as methods regarding managing your own google android system.


A person can start using the no-cost MobileGo Android app as a stand-alone system in case anyone want. It consists of a strong app management additionally device optimization technology, and even each segment specialized to troubleshooting program problems anyone will deal with.


The best app manager grants members in order to know how much space every application is actually eating up furthermore individually otherwise mass uninstall them all. The optimization tools can possibly offer their memory improvement by clearing background procedures also removing any sort of rubbish data and caches this type of are usually unnecessary also generating lag. One’s constantly suspicious associated with why very well these programs manage as lots of background processes straight away get started running once more after scan has stopped, then it’ precisely the similar by MobileGo.


There’ even the home screen widget which provides speedy availability at that memory enhancing function together with one swipe as well as the rapid – accessibility page concerning toggles offering you entry in your device’ setting and also specifications such as the digital camera and torch that can very quickly be slid in via the right. The product replicates a bunch of options located inside the particular notification drawer, but indeed there are a bunch of extras over there.


Mobile Pros?  starring Android FAQs and problem solving trips, are helpful in case your problem has been talked by other MobileGo users. Generally there are generally the numbers concerning product focused content and additionally advisable solutions, and yet I kept neglecting this area was actually offer additionally defaulted in order to searching the web. Dependent upon on your very own knowledge, a person may come across various handy methods in there.


In the MobileGo app, anyone can as well deal with your individual data files, identify areas where the particular bulk associated with some storage is being consumed and also selectively erase picture, video additionally audio tracks data. A particular tidy attribute concerning MobileGo is definitely their capability if wanting to discover comparable appearing images throughout the library, conveniently enabling members if wanting to locate documents that could always be erased in order to protect storage space.


As much as UI moves, it is fast enough to know. Generally there are actually some features unknown at a distance in the settings, but to few research and you shall have actually MobileGo discovered out.


MobileGo goes further than just simply a device optimization additionally multimedia administration application though. The actual app extends to the desktop with a Windows application the fact that delivers some more tools when it comes to ones Android gadget. On top of the desktop, a person can easily back up or possibly fix your individual device, handle the multimedia plus programs, shift files anywhere between cell phones, and also much more.


To be able to receive all of the regarding MobileGo’ functions on the desktop, you will obviously have to be calming empowering USB debugging on the wanted gadget. Whenever done, attaching is quite commonly obtained across USB or Wi-Fi (with an on-screen QR code for easy pairing).


The administration instruments in MobileGo on desktop tends to be extensive. It’ great getting a device that is actually confident to handle everything through applications to contacts to media as well as backing up and additionally restoring. For the songs, MobileGo performs terrific with apple itunes in the instance that’ significant to you personally and additionally backing up is effortlessly finished using one click. We will additionally forward Text Message messages by means of one’s Personal Computer whenever your individual cell phone is linked then reflect your phone’ screen in your laptop or desktop computer machine.


Important concerning most is the skill to be able to root their own devices. Rooting pertains featuring its possess number of benefits and also negative aspects, only MobileGo can easily root your very own gadget for you in a quick process just that also requires just one click.


MobileGo’ desktop software succeeds perfectly enough as well as is very simple. One just come across several of bugs and hiccups during testing however just like the mobile app, the little bit exploration goes a considerable ways. MobileGo holds a lot of mobile phones coming from all of the significant OEMs nonetheless if you are not sure if yours is on the checklist, an individual can discover out right here.


The actual primary downside to using MobileGo on the desktop is the required Wondershare Passport account. End-users can registration for one with their email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ recommendations and also utilize it throughout Wondershare’ equipment, but doing so might not be for everybody else.

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Need a (Free) Psychic Chat Room?


You feel lost about things that you experienced in case you life is going in the correct path and you’re not certain. Does this seem as if you? If so, you will need a totally free psychic chat rooms. Most psychic chat rooms provide a trial offer period, if this psychic is appropriate for you personally where you are able to determine.


Among the largest benefit of psychic chat newsgroups or on-line psychic chats, are that they provide complete anonymity. Instead it is possible to try to ask questions that may be embarrassing for you where nobody knows who you’re.


Another good thing about psychic chat rooms would be the enormous variation in regions where psychics guidance and can direct you . Instead it is possible to select almost any psychic chat you would like, although you’re not restricted to one or two places inside the paranormal world. This may be astrology, Clairvoyance, Tarot card reading, contact using a dead person one etc.


It is possible to select the psychic that satisfies your needs the best, whenever choosing a psychic to chat with. Usually the psychics that are on-line has their particular specialities prior to making your decision, and you’ll be able to review their profiles. Many such profiles contains a graphic of the psychic, in order to observe the individual you’re chatting with.


A psychic on-line chat helps it be possible to decide on exactly the same psychic to chat instead of psychic telephone chat, where you only speak with another accessible psychic, with every time. It is possible to develop a relationship of mutual trust by selecting the exact same psychic. Lots of psychics provides a totally free psychic chat session, if this psychic is the right choice for you personally, where you’ll be able to judge on your own. Paranormal psychic chat is an issue of trust and you need to pick another if you’re not completely confident in your psychic.


A psychic chat newsgroup helps it be possible for everybody to get in touch with psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and other religious men. Some psychic chat rooms offers occasions, where it is possible to attend courses on issues that are paranormal – this could be how you can enhance your own personal psychic abilities and so on.


The psychic chat can assist you to develop in the appropriate path and enable you to maintain your lifetime on the best path in just about any area of you life, whether family issues, work life and livelihood, your love life and well-being. So tend not to waste any more time – locate your own personal free psychic chat room as well as go out!


Whether you seek contact using a deceased loved one, desires to find out about your past or future or you also need guidance and religious advice in your lifetime you’ll find all of the info that you must take on the religious journey.

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