A Suicide to remember…

Dear Mummy and Daddy,

I always   tried to live up to your expectations but each time I have let you down.

I cannot carry this burden anymore .Daddy I know you always wanted me to be an IITian.

But 2 attempts with failure in IIT mains has proved again that I don’t deserve to live a disgraced life.

Nobody loves me and wants anymore.

Thus I am ending my life today and I hold no one responsible for it but myself.

Yours useless  son,



After  tearing off at least 7 pages in notepad this was the final letter which Abhilash could write.

Next step was to find a method to commit suicide with least painful manner and with minimum resources required. He thought about various methods varying from poison, sleeping pills, cutting wrist  but all were painful enough to appeal him.

Then he got an idea, he switched on his computer and typed www.google.com in url and wrote

“easiest way to commit suicide”, and within  fraction of seconds he had thousands of ways to do so.



With eyes as red as amber ,which were sleep deprived after the results 4 days ago, Abhilash  was voraciously reading different methods when he heard the familiar voice “Helloooooo Abhilash bhaiya, how are you  ??”

Here comes Diya  the sweetheart of the entire society  ,the  4 year old little angel of Mrs & Mr Sharma who lived in the same society and would often visit Abhilash’s house. The most cutest , huggable , naughty and talkative kid he had ever seen.

“Bhaiya bhaiya see my new friend Mickey mouse  ” Diya showing her new soft toy to him.

“Daddy brought him  today, I wanted him to listen to your song”

“Bhaiya bhaiya will  you play the song “give me shine,rain …….” ” in her sweet stammering voice, pointing to guitar kept in the corner of the room.

Abhilash couldn’t say No to Diya , looking at the innocence on her face.

He picked up the guitar and placing his fingers on the chord , he closed his eyes.

Meanwhile Diya stood there hugging her Mickey and humming along with Abhilash

“Saari umar hum  mar mar ke ji liye …..


Give me some sunshine , give me some rain ,

Give me another chance I wanna grow up once again”


“ Common Diya chalo abhi ghar, Bhaiya ko disturb mat karo  “ The  aura in the room was broken by this voice of Mrs Sharma.

Abhilsah opened his eyes to see Diya clapping her hands and jumping with joy.

 “Thank you bhaiya,you sing so well, I want to play guitar like you and be like you .

Will you teach me  ? “ asked Diya.


Mrs Sharma entered the room “Lets go Diya now ” .

“Ok Bhaiya , bye bye . I Love you . I will come again with Mickey ” Diya waved a flying kiss to him  in her typical style  as  she went out of the  room .

Abhilash sat there on his  chair, lost in thoughts.

His silence was broken by the yell of his mother “Beta aloo parantha ready hain , aao garma garam kha lo”

With a smile on his face and a tear rolling down from the corner of his eye, Abhilash took the letter , tore it into pieces and flushing it into bathroom he came running with guitar in hand . He had finally got his reason to live and “Wanna  grow up  once again “







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11 Responses to A Suicide to remember…

  1. loserreturns says:

    Wowwww Ravindra..It was short captivating and well spun together..Well done i must say 🙂

  2. nksjava says:

    you have got ability to make the readers raining in the brine coming from their eyes..superb..well framed..

  3. ravsworld says:

    @Neeraj @ Lover boy
    Thanks dude… such compliments keeps me motivated to write my heart out

  4. chhannu says:

    many times there arises circumstances that one starts thinking about that, but if they get their reason to live, they would not try to do that, instead face it

  5. Deepak Thakran says:

    nice yaar…people should bring ahead the reason to live….

  6. ravsworld says:

    ur rite.. i personally believe That Life is Beautiful, only because of the challenges we face…so live to enjoy it.. wahtever may the reason for it

  7. Akshat says:

    A very thoughtful post indeed.

  8. AD says:

    niCE POST… love the way you started. You can really make someone come to the brink of tears. But the way, you ended, you made sure that everyone was happy. Being a student still, I can identify with the characters as well as the film, from which you quote.

  9. Joshi Mukard says:

    Hi Ravindra, this is the first time Im reading your post, and you have left an wonderful impression of you in my mind. Will come back.

  10. ravsworld says:

    @Joshi Mukard
    Thanks a ton for your priceless comment.I am highly obliged to hear that.

  11. Santosh Tripathi says:

    “Bhai teri Baat hi Nirali Hai” Good one….

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