An Open letter to Man Mohan Singh

manmohan singh


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Dear Prime Minister,

First time in so many years I saw you in an angry mood yesterday responding to the comment PM CHOR HAI “.

As a human, yes it does hurt to hear that, it proves that one has feelings and some kind of self-respect and so called ego to defend for.

But  Shri Man Mohan ji , where did your aggression go when under your nose your ministers were doing one scam after another with fine impunity.

Your senior cabinet ministers where shamelessly defending all these people. 2G scam, coalgate scam, commonwealth scam , choper scam, tata truck scam, cash for vote, adarsh scam etc. The list just goes on.

You tried to dilute the RTI bill in the parliament so that all the political parties (who boast themselves to be the avatar of Raja HarishChandra and saviour of common man) are safely kept out of the ambit of accountability and transparency to the common man.

You made it legal for criminals to contest elections even from jail, diluting the Supreme Court’s decision barring such people to contest elections.

You are asking us not to buy gold, but sir have you any idea that we can’t even afford to buy onion and tomatoes now?

You have made mockery of the poor in this country by reducing the poverty line to rs 27 per day

You are asking us to use petroleum products judiciously but have you ever instructed your ministers to reduce the number of vehicles in their caravan?

You are saying you are not owner of Coalgate files, then please tell me who is  ?? My kaam waali bai ? Was she minister of coal and PM of this nation  ?

You are saying tough measures will be taken, please elaborate what do you want to do ? Pawn this country after gold to external lenders?

You kept on promising that price rise and inflation would come down after 3 months (it was 2 years back),  it has already overshot the roof, who is responsible for it? External factors?

You are asking us to pay taxes honestly  but what about lakhs of crores of tax rebates you hand over to super rich business houses each year ?

You are raising the Gas prices to $12 per mmBtu, whereas it should be only $2.74 per mmBtu as communicated by Petroleum Ministry ?? Are your serving India or Reliance?

You said NREGA is for benefit of farmers and landless labourers, have you ever ordered any audit to check in whose pockets all the money is going?

You and your party goes head over heels to defend a private citizen named Robert Vadra to protect him in land scam in Gurgaon ? Whose damad he is any way? Sonia’s or India’s?

You promised us safety, but China , Pakistan and now even Myanmar are showing eyes to us and intruding our borders ? You have made us look impotent to the world.

You said you respect constitutional bodies , but you made sure you appointed your pappu as CAG head so that all the charges raised by ex CAG head, Vinod Rai could be swept under the carpet.

You said your aim is welfare of farmers , then why are so many farmers committing suicides you don’t even give a hue about it ?

The country and its economy is in tatters Mr PM.Even a rickshaw driver knows what steps are expected from government. But you being so learned economist turned Prime Minister is doing nothing but watching this drama unfold shamelessly.

We are surprised about what provoked you to speak up. Was it being called CHOR or being called by the name that your party and its netas have now become — SHAMELESS, ARROGANT, HIGH HEADED  NARCISSISTS.


Do something  positive at war foot, world is watching you closely and laughing at us !!


Thanks but no thanks

A common Man

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10 Responses to An Open letter to Man Mohan Singh

  1. swapnil says:

    a big applaud for u. amazingly written. pour the pain of a common man heart. now a days I hate to watch news , its the most depressing programme I find .

  2. SNEHIL says:

    taaliyaaaaaaaaa…………i think u should send this letter to PM sahab….atleast he will realize what game r they(ministers) playing n we(common people) are not fools…..
    hum sab sun aur dekh sakte hain…..

  3. Honest Citizen says:

    you have fired a lot against govt. … but with some limited facts…
    U know who is screwing Indian Economy… Do some research about US Fed quantitative Easing…
    No country in this world is perfect not even US (US Prism), china (Right to speak, Ghost city and case of foxconn), UK (Monarch Spying govt.) and Europe (No Jobs). Indian labor is more expensive than European in UAE, Kuwait and other middle east.
    you know what RBI governor was hinting on fiscal stimulus… He was telling govt to increase Taxes and please, don’t be amazed if you have to pay higher taxes after elections.
    There is a fight between govt, CAG and RBI. but still latter two are quite independent.
    Be ready for harder policies after election irrespective of which party forms the govt.
    NaMo knows only marketing and Congress has become complacent. FII and FDI are anticipating political unstable India and pulling out money from India. Hence, Re is depreciating. there are other reasons like high CAD and imports.

  4. Anirudh says:

    The real scam list will open after elections. Picyure abhi baaki h mere dost ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. gayatri soni says:

    Our dear PM must have forgotten the lessons learned at Economics school. He is accumulating respect from his peers. who will ask him after Retirement? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Every politician is corrupt now. Don’t know,where we are heading toward ?

    Good to see you back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Team BlogAdda says:

    This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. BellyBytes says:

    How right you are. I think “desh ka dushman Bharat Sarkar”

  8. Deepak Tyagi says:

    Who the hell in the world will believe that the three most educated economist are heading and leading our country. Our president is economist, PM is economist and obviuosly FM is also economist, still irony is that, we are under huge debt on World Bank and other international bodies. ๐Ÿ™
    Our markets still crawl on so called $ movement and our FM minister says, “Indian economy is independent and strong and does not get effected by external factors”.

    Now we are among the top three CORRUPT nations in the world.
    Congress have made our country a begger and what the @uck we can do is, just WRITE and show AGGRESSION !!!!…. I seriously feel, we all need to THINK AGAIN !!!

  9. ravindra rajput says:

    Thanks didi for your appreciation.Watching news is of no use with kind of negativity and useless crap it contains.
    That’s why its an open letter. I have already tweeted for PMO on twitter. But the irony is he will never read it because he doesn’t care.
    @Honest Citizen
    Sir, My firing is limited here but not the facts.
    I am well aware how things will turn up after elections because current govt has screwed the economy to the fullest.
    Yes, I agree that US Fed easing reversal has impacted markets in INdia, but what has the government done in past so many year when easy money was flowing in the Indian markets ?
    Did UPA take any concrete step to speed up FDI and infrastructure build up ? No, they were revering in the easy money flow even though they knew this money would fly back to US markets once their economy would pick up. This
    is what is happening now.
    I know Namo is marketing , I am neither his supporter nor UPA, I know both are equally corrupt. The only differnce is that congress got 60 years to loot INdia and BJP only 5.

    Bhai we have been watching this never ending sequels of these pictures.

    Its always a delight to hear from old friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Due to some personal issues , had been away from blogging, but I hope to continue now.

    @Team Blogadda
    Thanks to your team which keeps on motivating us to keep on writing .Sometime a little pat on the back , a little encouragement , a little appreciation rejunevates a person to keep going despite odds.
    You have done it several times. Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

    AGree with you. This govt has left no stone unturned to screw the country.

  10. Nitin says:

    arey uske kehne ka matlab hai ki ghotale, scams, corruption vagarah to har country mein hote hain isliye uspe bolne ki kya zaroorat nahi hai. Haan ye bhi ho sakta hai ki kisine unko iske baare mein bataya he na ho.

    Haan lekin PM CHOR HAI, ye literally hurt karne wali baat hai kyonki jo kiya hai uske saathiyon ne kiya hai. Usko uska ek bhi hissa nahi mila. To hurt to hoga he na jab koi chor bolega.

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