Bapu tere desh mein

As the country prepares for 2nd October, a lot has changed which I want to reflect in this short post.

Indians have been waiting impatiently for this day, not because its Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday but itís the day when Big Boss Season5 will start.

Yes this is the truth of this Gen Y for whom Gandhi †means just a picture †on those colourful notes which everyone is craving for and Gandhi Jayanti is †a holiday when he can relax at home or in multiplex. Well many cannot †celebrate officially with that yellow syrupy liquid since itís a dry day ( but one can buy any of your favourite †brands of Ethyl alcohol under the shutter of any bar shop) and will go to any extent to abuse this great leader with all expletives.

We indeed have come a long way since 15th August 1947 when we got freedom.

The man who played a major role in the freedom movement and has been an idol for thousands across the globe is struggling to find his identity and crisis of his principles in his own nation.

Gandhism has been on drastic decline all these years , especially in recent† years when honesty and patriotism has taken a backseat and we (97.9%) †junta is running madly after money.Money has taken centrestage of our lives with and has more value than even lives of people.

The way corruption has seeped into our system and in our souls, it canít have been bigger insult than printing pics of bapu on all the currency notes.

More than 41% of our population is still below poverty lines†, which may reduce if #Rs32 limit of planning commission is implemented. I bet many of the these Indians have not yet seen a coloured piece of paper we call currency †note with 500 written over it and having figure of Gandhi over it.

A 6 year old kid in my society was showing me pics of various celebrities and calling them by names- Hrithik, Aishwarya, Deepika, Katrina,Britney ,lady gaga.etc but when I pointed to a pic of Bapu she was blank , with a reply “Naam nahi pata, par inka photo note par hota hai

I wonít be surprised if such kids may celebrate Gandhi Jayanti as Anna Hazare’s bday. After all Anna has been hailed Gandhi of this era and this kid †has got little or no gyan on real Gandhi.

Whatever the views of the masses may be but one thing is †sure which most will agree, Anna Hazare has awakened a little Gandhi in all of us owing to the fast he took at ramlila maidan.

Gandhi topi has once again become a fashion statement .A person like me who felt shy to see my Nanaji wearing GandhiTopi now proudly wears “I am Anna” topi in public.

I am not Gandhi or Anna. It is indeed difficult to follow all his principles in daily life but yes I do try to follow as many as possible in the best possible manner.

Instead of putting photos of Gandhiji hanging on the walls in government offices and taking bribe beneath that photo itself letís take a pledge not to take bribe and even give too.

Instead of naming n number of roads or welfare schemes in his name and making these schemes and policies as a means to siphon off public money to safe coffers in Swiss banks, letís be honest in implementing and giving the poor his due.

Lets celebrate this day as Honesty day when we not only take pledge to be honest but also try to embibe and apply those values in our lives too.Let’s make a begining of being honest for our country and for our coming generations.

Meanwhile let me remind you that today is birthday of one more greatest leader of India- Lal Bahadur Shastri. The person who gave slogan of ď Jai jawan ,Jai kisan ď. He is Rahul Dravid of history. One got overshadowed under the glory of Sachin, Sehwag & Ganguly and the other under the glory of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Time to introspect and ponder where are we† heading ??

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2 Responses to Bapu tere desh mein

  1. SUNITA says:

    A lovely post- thought provoking, iam sure gen next needs to know about this Mahatma!

  2. gayatri soni says:

    Till yet i heard of people who don’t know the great epic of our freedom fighters but if their has become so worse that they may not recognize them by pic(even)it’s a shame…..our freedom fighters like lal bahadur shastri, bhagat singh have been forgotten by masses who have really contributed for the freedom of our country.
    I’m sorry if it would hurt anyone but for me i believe bhagat singh, subhash chandra bose & alike have played the major role, if they wouldn’t have done this britishers would have heard our requests & then forgotten it, jails would have been full of people & we would have still been their slave.
    In today’s generation govt. have been exploiting us through strategy which could be confuted with non-violence & that’s what anna had done…but when govt. would use weapons no one would follow it if they are determined to their ends.

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