Dry baby, happy baby

If there is some place where I see innocence in real life it is on a baby’s face. Kids are the most precious gifts of God. They have the cutest of smile and purest of heart. A smile on the face of a kid makes up our day. Nothing in the world can be as smoothing and enchanting than to see a kid happy and enjoying himself.

A kid is so innocent that they are attracted even by those small little things which we ignore and don’t care about.

The other day there was a dog in the street. My neighbour’s 1 year old daughter was so excited to see the dog that she almost jumped out of her mother’s lap to touch the dog. She sprang out and went ahead to touch the pup. Even the dog was enjoying the sweet charm of the kid and started playing with her. All of us in the society were so amazed to see such love and affection between the kid and the dog. Suddenly the concern of dog near a kid was transformed into joy for everybody. Such is the power of love.

Kid seems to love two things most- first of all a full stomach and other anything else J . The moment they feel hungry they would make it clear to their parents by their own  sweet little gestures of cry that they need to be fed and once it is done they will spring back to action.

Whenever there is something amazing coming in TV especially wild animals on discovery channel they would come close to the screen, touch the TV and scream with laughter.

One of the funny moments come when they are in bathroom. While few of the kids hate water but most of them love playing with it. Just leave any kid in the bath tub and see the real fun unfolding. The kid would splash, jump and scream at top of his voice with joy. He will not come out of the water until the parents pull them out, of course with lot of push and pain.

A child’s mind is so innocent that you may never know what may excite her. A soap bubble flying in the air can fill the kid with joy whereas a precious toy might not.

The most common fun element I have seen in kids is to run after balloons flying in the air.

There is no denying the fact that cartoon network is the channel which keeps every child hooked to the television throughout the day and the most favourite character is tom & jerry.

I thought it was only adults which tap our feet to songs and any item number but I was surprised to see kids and toddlers jumping, dancing and singing to the tune of latest songs, of course they cannot spell the lyrics well but enjoy them to the fullest.

While there may be many things that enjoys doing, a full tummy and a dry diaper is probably what kick starts this happy mood. However most diapers only focus on being leak proof and ensure dryness on the outside. Only the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness for your baby on the inside. Its Magic Gel locks in moisture so that your baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. And a dry baby is a happy baby.




NB: This post was written for Indiblogger Happy hours competition for pampers



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