Raindrops !!!


Standing by the window pane I can see the nature’s beauty outside, raindrops falling freely on the ground, few drops hitting the pane.

How freely, independently, lavishly, free from any pains & trouble it just remains on the pane for a while then slides down.

It reaches and meets rest of the companions, all joining together in unison, others following suit, and flowing together to meet the ones they are destined to meet.

Trudging ahead on their final journey .A short life ,but how beautifully lived ,going  through each  phase- birth, growth, journey, adventure and finally nirvana.

I get lost watching these raindrops and start comparing my life to them.How much have things changed for me!!.

As the rain drops are sliding on the window pane my mom would be preparing dinner for dad and sis.My friends would be watching their favorite TV soaps, people would be busy driving home to meet their loved ones, students must be cramming & revising the chapters for the exams next day, kids going in bed after a hard day at school and then in park shouting and shrieking at top of their voice justifying the true glory of a free bird; shutters of the shops pulled down for closure, all the birds returning back to their nests to feed their chicks,……

How fast the time flies, and how fast things change, It surprises me at times.

So much has changed, lost so much and gained so little. Many friends & cousins got engaged, married, had kids; birthdays & anniversaries passed and I could wish them only on phone.

I just miss that touch and kiss on the cheeks of 2 yr old. Couldn’t celebrate holi, diwali, new year, Christmas with family & friends.

The only connection between us –telephone. Just wondering how advanced we have become, forced to stay away from near and dear ones and justify all this by saying” all this is because I love you, I am doing it for you more than for myself

But is it really so?

Is it really justified what I am doing?

Is the gain worth the loss?

I may never get any satisfactory answer for these questions but Yes, one thing is for sure, somewhere I am missing the real purpose of life.

~ All standing and staring through the window pane of a skyscraper, in concrete jungle miles away from my loved ones.

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14 Responses to Raindrops !!!

  1. chhannu says:

    this picture shows how deeply u hav been missing ur dear ones, they must b feeling the same 4 u, keep smiling 😀

  2. ravsworld says:

    Yes ur right .. infact their LOVE is what keeps me going all the time.. wherever I am and whatever I do 🙂

  3. loserreturns says:

    Rain is indeed 1 of the most beautiful thing we witness and i too stop dead whn it rains..Lovely emotion it is…

    Beautiiful Ravi..So pure emotions and well expressed

  4. ravsworld says:

    @Lo”v”er boy
    thanks bro 🙂 … Indeed it’s the magical effect of rain which cause our emotions to spill and flow freely

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  6. mraax says:

    At some point of time, we do feel that what we are doing is somewhat not what we always wanted to. But then, it’s called life. It’s been 4 years that I have celebrated Holi or Diwali with my family,or even CHAT puja, if you know what it is. Console myself saying that after studies I will be able to attend those, but knowing the reality, I know it’s tough. Let’s hope for the best.

  7. Anupam says:

    Well written rajput, you have expressed missing love and affections in words… thats great.
    Long back in 2001 when Pankaj Udhas sang a song from “Naam”, on Necklace road, i have seen many parents faces getting wet, as they could not contain their emotion. Song was “Chitti aayi hai….”

    On lighter note:
    You mentioned “Many friends & cousins got engaged, married, had kids; ” — I know your pain very well graved in this line 🙂

  8. shweta singh says:

    Oye pagal why are you getting so senti… I know this is the only reason i came back .. chal ab tu bhi aaja. Come back we will have lots of parties together 😀

  9. zephyr says:

    That was one nostalgic post! We do a lot of things in this life because some things need to be done, regrardless! Cheer up!

  10. Saraswathan says:

    Sri.Ravindra Rajput I wish to share my views with you. We do a lot of things with an intention of making our life comfortable and easy and in the process we forget to live our life happily. On final analysis we always find that the efforts were not really worth the results, not necessarily in monetary terms but quality of life. Hence it is my advice to try and be happy with whatever we already have and see that we have an excellent life with our near and dear.

  11. manjulika says:

    raindrops– i just love when it rains…

    what a touchy post??.. u doing it all for ur loved ones dear.. keep rocking and smiling!!

  12. ravsworld says:

    I usually feel that I am not supposed to do what I am doing but …….
    Ya i know about chat pooja ..
    Just hoping for things to change one day …

    @Anupam San
    thank you sirjee 🙂
    That song still makes us nostalgic…

    I am just counting my days to come back.. but this wait is too long 🙁

    Thanks for the encouragement…Life has to go on despite these things indeed…


  13. ravsworld says:

    @Saraswathan ji
    I am trying to be happy in all the situations but still there are times when we miss them and coz we cannot share those moments with them which
    we have been striving hard to achieve.All comforts name and fame are uselss if we dont have our loved ones to share with.
    Thanks for sharing your views

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