Snoring : A blessing in disguise…!!!!

Last weekend as I woke up yawning and stretching myself, I saw both of my roommates sitting in front of me with coffee mugs in their hands.

I was surprised, as its an unusual phenomenon to see them wake up so early , especially on a weekend, after a grueling week ,working with so called clients .

Life sometimes is too tough at onsite (for other times your friends are there)

Whats the matter guys ?? I asked , watching their faces with astonishment.

Their eyes were as red as amber, it appeared as if they had just returned after performing watchmans job in the society.

Amit said the whole night you were on , what can you expect from us @#(*&(*^% and we all burst into laughter.

So here I am writing down my little known secret to the world yes I am a snoring champion, and shamelessly I am PROUD of it


I have been blessed with this rare gift of GOD which has been in praise ever since I moved in hostel in my engineering days.

Whatever others may say but I believe its a blessing in disguise.

I am proving myself by the points mentioned below that its an advantageous art to have.

a) First and foremost you get instant fame in your friend circle about this distinct art of yours and sometimes beyond your group, giving others a reason to smile.

See how soon you become so popular 🙂

b) You can always make your presence felt in and around your house. Depending on the decibel levels ,you can be felt few feet to few hundred feet away too 🙂

c) If you are bachelor like me and staying with friends then you may get the entire bed or sometimes the entire room, all yours to sleep. Since your roomies would have taken refuge in other room or other house to get their share of sleep 🙂

d) You can have a peaceful & undisturbed sleep, since your roomies will sleep or will try to make sure that they sleep before you doze off. Or else all of their efforts will go in vain to have their first nap.

e) You will contribute to social security, since your snoring will keep the watchman awake which will prevent any attempt of burglary in the society.

f) You will get sympathy and attraction of so many people (including your cutie pie:) ) ,with free tips and suggestions to get rid of this rare art.

g) If you have the habit of dozing off in office, your colleagues will be kept entertained and nobody will disturb you. Hence your purpose of having an undisturbed sleep will be fulfilled.

h) If you have roomies who are also masters of this art then each of them will try to sleep early than the other, which is a blessing in disguise.

Early to bed , early to rise makes a man make healthy wealthy and wise the great saying can be actually brought to fruition.

i) Your roommates, hostel mates, neighbors etc. will remember you for a very long time.. and will always have a smile on their lips whenever they will do soSee you will be a source of happiness to others.

j) Your different musical patterns of snore can be a source to next AR Rehman or Himesh Reshamiya song, or Ram Gopal Vermas next horror movie. Thus If capitalized properly It can contribute to your financial prosperity too.

k) If you are married then it will be sweet revenge to your wife who is constantly bickering you and you were looking to give her a similar dose 🙂 🙂


So friends these were the positives on this rare Gift of God. I would be pleased and delighted to hear about the same from you.

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2 Responses to Snoring : A blessing in disguise…!!!!

  1. sandykooljha says:

    hehehe really funny man, complimenting our drawbacks in such a manner is a real art, and i can see you are close to a connoisseur at it.

    I also had a snoring roommate like you in the 2nd year, but unfortunately we never treated him the way you got treated.
    we kicked his a-s in the middle of every night when he started snoring, he was the only guy who celebrates his birthday daily(bumps and gpl and all hope u understand):D 😀

  2. ravsworld says:

    Thanks dude 🙂 connoisseur is too big a compliment for me…
    Well all i can say is that have been very lucky to have roomies who are always nice to me irrespective of this annoyance .

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